1 day in Washington D. C

By the time we made our trip to NY, which I shared the 11-day itinerary in this post here and here, we took advantage to visit Washington D. C, the capital of the Usa. As on this trip, we visited many cool places, I left to make a separate post about this Destination.

Still in New York, in the early days of the trip, we bought a tour to Washington that was sold in Times Square and this gave right to bus transport to washington, which would still make several stops in tourist spots of the city, 1 ticket for the Madam Tussaud (wax Museum) of Washington and 1 ticket to the space museum.
The trip is about a.m. and arriving in Washington, the bus starts a tour of the city and during the stops the passengers have about 15-20min free to take photo in the place (except in museums where the time is 1h free). The tour is Veeery run, but it's worth it.

LINCOLN Monument

Our first stop was to see the monument that was built in 1922 in honor of the 16th president of the United states, Abraham Lincoln.
This place, appeared in the movie "one Night at the museum 2" where statue of Lincoln comes to life in one of the Scenes. Who do you remember?



In the same place, but on the opposite side has Washington monument, an obelisk in the middle of Constitution gardens.
Who watched the last movie of Spider-man back home, will remember this place.

Washington Monument

Even with tight weather, we still run to the other side to check the monument closely and have the opposite view of the water Mirror.

White House

From there we proceeded to the white house, in which the President of the United States Resides. The on-site entry is not allowed and everyone can take pictures from the gate surrounding the Site.

White House


On the way to the wax museum, we stopped to check out the capitol, which is the building of the US legislative center, where the Senate and Legislative Assembly meetings take PLACE.
The site appeared in several scenes of the series "House of Cards".



The Museum of Wax Madame Tussaud of Washington is full of political personalities of the usa, since the city is the capital of the Country. But I also had celebrities from the art Center as in the NY museum, including some that weren't there.


The experience was as much fun as it was at Madame Tussauds in ny, but if this Washington one isn't in a package, I think going to the New York Museum is enough.


finally, we went to the last tour that was destined for the Washington air and space museum, which has the largest collection of aircraft and spacecraft in the WORLD. The place is huge, after all the items that are stored there, are Giants.

Museu_do_ar_e_espaco Museu_de_ar_e_espaco

Among the collection, there is the command module of Apollo 11, which took the man first time to the moon, the Capsúla Friendship 7, who took John Glenn on the first voyage of man through the Earth's orbit, including the movie "stars of time" (which is Wonderful) , talk about this space Mission.


And so was our day in Washington D.C. A place full of beautiful history and places, which is worth a lot just to know.
Enjoy and tell me in the comments, which place you liked most?

Kisses and even the next travel tip.

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