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1 or 2 days in Toronto Itinerary

For those who will make a short stop in Toronto before going to any other destination, I put together a script for 1 or 2 days in Toronto with my favorite attractions and places, which can help you to enjoy the city on your quick stopover over here.



The Harbourfront is the region that borders Lake Ontario, which is so big, it deceives our eyes and looks like the sea. It’s incredible!
The region is beautiful and one of my favorites in the city, I love walking there, enjoying the view and listening to the noise of the water.
Undoubtedly, this is a place worth a walk in any season, even in winter when it is common to see parts of the frozen lake.


The Ripley’s Aquarium is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, especially because of the tunnel where you feel like you have entered the water when you see the fish, rays, and sharks swimming over you.
Without a doubt, it is a remarkable and worthwhile experience and in this post, I share everything about our visit there.
You can buy tickets at the door or on the website.


Of course, Toronto’s main tourist spot cannot be left out of the list.
The CN Tower is over 553 meters high and is the third-largest tower in the world. From the top, you can have an incredible Toronto view.
I am always thrilled when I see the city from above, without a doubt, I highly recommend go up the tower.
To go up the tower you must purchase the ticket through the website.

360 Restaurant

At the top of the tower, there is also the “360 restaurant”, which is spinning very slowly, and with that, you can have a 360 view of Toronto, in addition to having amazing food.
When you book a lunch or dinner at the restaurant, you gain access to see the observatory that is one floor below the restaurant, which is even the same floor for those who buy the ticket just to climb the tower. So, if you are going to spend 2 days in the city and want to invest a little more money (since going to the restaurant is more expensive than just go up the tower) I highly recommend eating at the 360 ​​restaurant.
A two-course meal (including starter and main course or main course and dessert) currently costs CAD $ 65.00 (+ taxes), while a 3-course meal (including starter, main course, and dessert) is CAD$ 79.00


In Downtown, you will find many shops, theaters, bars, and restaurants.
In this region, there are some unmissable tourist spots like the Eaton Center, which is Toronto’s most famous mall, Dundas Square, which is surrounded by LED screens, which make this place looks similar to New York’s Times Square.
It is also in downtown where Nathan Phillips Square, where the famous Toronto sign is located right in front of the city hall building.


This region is very famous and cannot be left out of the itinerary. In any season it is a delight to walk through the Distillery District, have a coffee or a beer in one of the bars and cafeterias of the place.

In addition, the Distillery District is perfect for photographing, there are several fixed sculptures such as the sign “Love” and “heart” that yield beautiful photos and there are often events and exhibitions taking place where other sculptures and works are placed temporarily.


Wherever you walk through Toronto, you will always find a park along the way and for me, everyone is beautiful and well looked after.
If you see some park in the way, take the time to walk there before heading to your destination. But if you want to enjoy a longer walk I recommend visiting High Park, which is the largest park in the city and even has a free zoo.


Depending on the time available, I would dedicate to spend part of the day in one of these places or reverse the order of this itinerary, making the tours mentioned above (or part of them) on the second day and these tours below on the first day:


If you come to Toronto in the summer or early autumn I highly recommend visiting Toronto Island, because there you can see the city’s skyline and for me, this is one of the most beautiful views in the city (I think it only loses to the CN Tower).
In addition to the view, Toronto Island is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the day. There you will find beaches to enjoy a sunny day, several green areas for picnicking, a small farm and you can even rent a bike and cycle along the stretch that cuts the island from end to end.


The Cruise on Lake Ontario, allows you to have a view of the Toronto skyline and this is a really cool experience at any time of the year.
Mariposa Cruise is one of the companies that offers two types of tours:

2:30 am tour of the Toronto skyline with meal included
This tour is offered between May and September, in addition to some weekends between October and December. We even spent New Year’s Eve on this cruise.
In addition to the 2h30min stroll through Lake Ontario, a buffet is served (lunch, dinner or cocktail) for you to eat at will, but I would like to say that the food is not the best (at least it wasn’t the 3 times we did it this cruise) and in the end, the boat trip was the only thing that was worth it. Check it out.

45min tour of the Toronto skyline
This tour is offered between May and September and lasts 45 minutes, does not include food but you can buy some drinks and snacks at the bar.
Even though it is a shorter tour than the previous one, I think it is more worthwhile because the highlight of the cruise is seeing Toronto’s skyline and this cheaper tour offers that. Check it out.


Niagara is one of my favorite places to do a day trip from Toronto and no matter the season, the region is always amazing and surprising, even in Winter when you can have the opportunity to see most of the frozen waterfalls.
That’s why Niagara is one of my favorite places in the region and I’ve already shared our trips around the region here on the blog several times, like our visit to Niagara-On-The-Lake, our trip through Niagara and going to the Outlet, the day we go kart on the Mario Kart track, and our visit to the butterfly garden.

In addition to the iconic Niagara Falls, you will find several shops and varied attractions in Niagara, as well as wineries in the region that are super famous. In this post, I shared about the tour we did at the Inniskllin winery.

I hope you enjoyed the tips and enjoy your visit to Toronto a lot.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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