10 Canadian brands of beauty products

Today’s post, I want to share with you 10 Canadian brands of beauty products, some better known internationally and others not so much.

1. Mac

The first brand is the MAC, world-renowned for its makeup products. The company was launched in 1984 in Toronto and in a short time conquered the market, becoming the world leader in the segment. Its wide variety of products, frequent releases bringing new trends, exclusive collections, plus partnership with several celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, among others, make their products a wish for those who love Makeup.

 2. The Beauty

Founder Sasha, launched the brand in 2011 in Vancouver, offering completely organic makeups. With a complete line of makeup for the skin, eyes, mouth and even brushes, ILIA is already sold in 15 countries and has been regarded as a luxury brand in this segment of organic makeup.

3. RMS Beauty

Born in Vancouver, RMS has a line of makeup with totally organic products and as a differential, the company still includes natural ingredients that can nourish and care for the skin while making up. Cool right?! They offer a complete line of products for the skin, eyes, and mouth.
In addition to the products being natural, their packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. is worth knowing.

4. Bite Beauty

The Bite Beauty was developed in Toronto and its founder Susanne Langmuir created totally natural lipsticks to ensure that its products could even be ingested without causing any harm. Lipsticks are sold in bullet, liquid and pencil options in addition to Balms. According to the reviews I read, the products have a great pigmentation and I was very curious to test them.
* Update: I have been at Bite Beauy Lab in Toronto to make my own lipstick. Check my visit here

5. Nudestix

The Nudestix brand of makeup has as concept offer makeup easy to use, with this the brand bet more in neutral colors that range between nudes, rosy and Earth. These colors give a more natural result that has no error. In your line, there are various products for the skin, eyes, and mouth, which follow the proposal of the brand.

6. The Beauty

The brand was released in 1967 and offers a variety of products for the eyes, skin, and mouth, divided into several lines, including in a Metalica collection, which is super high at the moment. Annabelle is present at the drugstore at a very attractive price. It’s worth testing!

7. The Ordinary

The great differential of The Ordinary brand is to offer skin care products with high quality, in functional packaging witha very affordable price. Considering that they sell many products for less than CAD $10.00 the brand seems to be delivering what promises, since this type of product usually has a very high price.
In addition to the line for the skin, the brand has expanded its line and already offers products for hair care and makeup with a baseline of medium and high coverage with 21 options of colors each, for only CAD 6.70. Can you believe this?

I visited one of the stores here in Toronto and it was all in this post.

8. Cake Beauty

Founded in 2003, Cake Beauty offers varied products for hair and body. Its lines circulate between shampoos and dry conditioners, lotions, exfoliators, oils, moisturizing creams and bathing products. The perfumes of the products are very characteristic of the brand, because they are sweetened that we want to eat. Perhaps this is deliberate to match the brand name: Cake.

9. Cover Fx

Launched in 2000, Cover Fx offers makeups formulated for sensitive skins free of various ingredients such as parabens, fragrances, gluten, mineral oil and talc. In your product line you find bases in 40 different tones, corrections, illuminators, powder, blush, contour and others.

10. Cargo Cosmetics

Launched M 1996, Cargo Cosmetics came to the market to offer makeup that was easy to carry and could be used until the last drop of the product. With this, they launched products in small package and practical handling. Your line is quite complete with products for skin, eyes and mouth. And the highlight is for your palettes in portable sizes.

I was surprised by the quantities of Canadian brands that offer organic products and also liked to know brands with a very interesting philosophy, which I did not know and others that I saw, but did not know they were Canadians.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know these brands and products like me, which some have already entered my list of upcoming purchases.

Enjoy and tell me if you would like to see the review of some of these brands here on the blog.

Xoxo and see on the next beauty tip.

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