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10 landmark moments this autumn

Autumn is undoubtedly the most beautiful season of the year and has so much cool things to do, so much beautiful place to enjoy. For me, it’s the best season to visit Toronto.Si
nce last summer, we’ve decided that we’re going to enjoy each season intensely and looking back I see that we enjoyed it a lot this fall.
There have been so many beautiful walks, so many new experiences and memories we’ve built over the past few weeks, that I couldn’t help but highlight the main moments of this fall that were remarkable to us.

1. Corn maze

The corn maze is a very popular activity in North America during the fall, where a maze is created in the middle of the cornfield and you need to find the exit.
We knew this activity and did the first time this year, but it sure will become an autumn tradition for us.
Undoubtedly, this was the activity we liked to do most this fall and in that post I share all the details.

2. We harvest pumpkin for the first time

We had already visited a pumpkin farm last year, but since we didn’t plan to make our Jack O’Lantern, we ended up not harvesting any pumpkins at the time.As this y
ear we were finally going to decorate a pumpkin, we took advantage of our visit to Cooper’s Farm to harvest a pumpkin on the foot for the first time and it was amazing to connect with nature and food in a different way.

3. We practice tree climbing

In this regard I must speak in third person, because the day we were at Treetoping Trek, one of Canada’s largest tree parks, I didn’t feel safe doing the circuits, but in return, my husband who’s afraid of heights, managed to complete 2 circuits and it is he who shares this experience in this post. My husband had a lot
of fun and even though I didn’t do the tree climbing, I was very delighted with the scenery, which was the most beautiful and colorful we saw this fall.

4. We harvest apples for the first time

In São Paulo, my hometown, I never researched and organized myself to take tours beyond the big city, but after I moved to Toronto, I found that in small towns there are several legal activities that provide a different contact with the nature and consequently bring us new experiences.
One is to harvest various fruits every season and this year, we have been harvesting delicious apples on a farm that is about 45min from Toronto.
Of all the farms we visited, this was the most beautiful and complete of all, besides, she’s pet friendly, that is, best impossible, righ
t?! In this post I share all the details of this tour.

5. We visited the southernmost place in Canada

The second Sunday in October is considered the World Bird Migration Day, as around the entire Planet birds are migrating from north to south.
This phenomenon can be observed anywhere, but here in Canada the best place to accompany migration is Point Pelee, because this national park is at the southernmost point of Canada, and it is in this place where birds from all places in the country make their last stop before they fly to Mexico.
In this post I tell all the details of this migration and show various details of this national park that we love.

6. We decorate our first Jack O’Lantern

Decorating pumpkin is another very common tradition in Canada, but only this year we decided to decorate ours and as difficult as it may seem to have carved Darth Vader’s face into the pumpkin, in this post I explain all the details and show how simple it is to do.

7. We made our Halloween costumes

Since we moved to Toronto, we’ve been doing our Halloween costumes at home and this year we’ve chosen Toy Story as the theme, as this was our favorite movie of 2019.
I don’t even have to say that the kids on the street were delighted when they saw Forky on the stree
t, right?! I have a lot of fun working out the fantasies, but because of the rush I thought this year I wasn’t going to be able to make our fantasies, but I struggled to keep our tradition of fantasizing about Halloween and I was very happy to have succeeded.

8. My mamis has arrived

Two years ago my mother came to visit us for the first time. That was also her first international trip and it was a delight to introduce her a little bit of the city we love the most in the world.
This time she arrived at the end of November and will stay with us for much of the winter, to realize her dream of knowing and enjoying the snow a lot.

My mother’s arrival is always a party for us. She always brings joy, a unique connection and sensitivity to nature, as well as a watchful and innocent look at the simplest things
in life. Beside her I learn to value things that sometimes became banal in everyday life and enjoylife through her eyes always makes me delight and discover something new.

9. We witnessed The Outoverno

Of the amazing things that only happen to my mother, is a phenomenon I had not yet seen around here, which was the arrival of snow while the trees were still full of leaves, thus creating a new station that I decided to call Outoverno.The city
stayed so beautiful and in this post I tell how faith is able to move mountains or rather, to move stations.

10. We’ve had the longest autumn since we moved in.

This is our fourth autumn around here and it was undoubtedly the longest and most beautiful of all.
Usually in the last week of October the trees are already dry, but this year, not even the rains and the wind have knocked down the leaves, including today (mid-November), it is still possible to see a few trees that are still with leaves on the branches.

Following the example this summer, which we enjoyed intensely – and in that post I told all the details – this year’s autumn was by far what we enjoyed most over the years we’ve been here.
I believe that the autumn list we made has helped us a lot to program and enjoy the season well, so soon I will share our winter list so that i can inspire you to enjoy the coming season.

Kisses and until the next post.

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