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10 reasons that make me love living in Toronto

In 2013 when we began to dream of the possibility of living in Canada, from the beginning Toronto was our choice. I even counted here how Toronto came into our lives.
The only thing that really scared us, was the famous Canadian cold and then, we decided to visit the city in the middle of winter in February 2015, to draw our own conclusions and in practice-35C was much less scary than I thought, just as I reported in the post About winter in Toronto.

Since we moved, our certainty of having found our little place in the world gets stronger and in fact, our intuition has always been right: Toronto is our home!
There are many reasons for me to love living in Toronto, but for this post I separated 10 that are special to me.

1. Big City with indoor climate

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo/Brazil and what I loved most in my city was the convenience of having restaurants, shops, services and entertainment all over the place. I really liked that agitation, but at the same time I missed a little quiet, away from traffic, away from massive and mainly, close to nature.
Behold, I have met Toronto, the largest city in the population of Canada, where there are large world networks, several restaurants, services, and countless leisure options, but just walk into a residential street so that the noises of the traffic stay behind and the Silence of the charming houses without gate and with green grass, take care of the environment and bring me the calm that a city of the interior offers, ie has the perfect mix that I always sought: big city + City of the interior.

2. Wooded city

Toronto is very wooded, there are about 1,600 parks in the city, with this, it is very easy to find a park close to home, work or some destination. Because of that the parks became our favorite leisure.
Also, there are many trees scattered everywhere and I love being surrounded by so much nature where I go.

3. A thousand faces from the same city.

I find it incredible, as every corner of the city has a totally different face, it is hard to believe that the bustle of Downtown, the beaches of the island, the Chinatown full of signs in Mandarin and the elegance of Yorville are part of the same city. I love the fact that every ride I feel teleported to another city.

4. Freedom

In this item, I could mention about the issue of security, but it is not this freedom that I refer to and rather to be who I am and to respect my wishes without letting me lead by the judgment of others (and especially mine).
Here, I go out in high heels or slippers, brushed hair or with a poorly made bun, with the same jacket I wore yesterday, sometimes makeup and other no makeup, but always with the tranquility of knowing that no one will look at me differently or make any comment, because nobody really even notices these things.
I never imagined that dressing what I want and be myself would bring me so much peace.

5. Have the four seasons well defined

Every season, Toronto is completely transformed. In the spring the city gets a lot of color, there are flowers sprouting everywhere and the trees turn green again. In the summer people take care of the city, everything is more alive, more cheerful and more agitated. In the autumn, the leaves gain a new yellow, orange, and red coloring, leaving the city charming and in winter, the fall in the temperatures leaves the city less agitated, but for me, the cold is compensated by the snow that leaves the city completely charming.

6. Variety of attractions throughout the city

There is always something going on in Toronto, all year round there are events around the city, some free others do not, but always have something to do with the family, with friends or alone.
The blogto is a great source to follow the events/attractions of Toronto and here in the world of Sil, I have already shared a lot of what we have done here, how to play Quidditch, ride in Scarborough Bluffs, go to Black Creek, dine at the CN Tower and much here.
The curious, is that only here I learned to really enjoy the leisure options that the city in which I live offers, because in São Paulo for sure has even more options than Toronto, however, I did not even seek to know and surely must have ceased to enjoy many leg attractions AIS, as I reported in the post, about my impressions when I visited Brazil.

7. Multiculturalism

Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world, here it is possible to find people from all over the place. This is very sharp when we walk on the street and we find restaurants from different countries or when we hear people talking in their native language or when we notice that in a course with 20 people none of them are from the same country. With this, I end up “traveling” around the world without leaving my city, knowing new customs, new places, new recipes, new languages and so on.
I also find it very beautiful, as people from so many places, with so different cultures, can share the spaces with so much respect for others. It just makes me sure that it’s possible for the world to live in peace.

8. Cordiality of people

Still talking about behavior, I love how cordial people are here, how they hold the door to each other, if they offer to help those who seem lost, as has patience to talk to someone who is not native in English, as pedestrians easily give Passage to the next and as to the slightest hint of nuisance, they apologize.
This taught me how it makes a lot of difference and it costs nothing (but it has great value) to have at least a few seconds of your day, to be kind to someone.

9. Family environment

That’s not a rule, but overall I feel that people prefer to devote their free time to being with family. Here there is no habit of making happy hour on Friday, people like to get out and go straight home to enjoy the family. This behavior makes it a little difficult to make friends, however, for me, it’s inspiring to see how much people value the family company around here.

10. Hollywood City

In addition to having a Canadian fame sidewalk, in Toronto every dive is a flash! Hahaha
There are often concerts with world-famous artists, film and sports events around the city, and when you least expect it, your favorite actors, singers or athletes are all over the city. Since I moved in 2016, there has been a free presentation of Mariah Carey at the Hudson Bay store, the Justin Bieber appeared by surprise in a bar and then asked to play the piano, the Drake (who was even born in Toronto) was watching a basketball game in the city , George Clooney and Angelina Jolie (and other actors) were in the Tiff that happened in Downtown… and so on.
I really think the most of it and I keep waiting for the day when I find Beyoncé wandering around hahaha.

Of course, besides these items, there are other reasons that are better known as safety, quality of life, etc. But for this post, I wanted to bring other reasons that were more curious for those who do not know the city.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know some more of Toronto and if you ever live here, tell me in the comments what are the reasons that make you love living here. I’m going to love knowing.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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