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12 looks inspirations for the Canadian Winter

When I was in Brazil the winter was synonymous with more stylish compositions and easily I listened to the phrase: “In winter people become more elegant”. I think this is due to the fact that in this season people start to wear suits, especially leather jackets, sweaters, etc., which are pieces that give an elegant touch even in a more basic look.

However, here in Canada, these clothes we wear in the Autumn since in the Canadian winter where the cold is stricter and have such low temperatures it is indispensable to wear clothes and footwear that withstand the temperatures of two negative digits.
So cold, the last thing people think about here is whether the look is matching, because the only thing that matters is keeping warm. And between you and me, the super coats and the huge snow boots don’t inspire style, right?

Thinking about it, I decided to research some looks that were realistic to the Canadian winter and that brought inspirations of colors and styles but prioritize the main, which is to keep warm. Check out some ideas below:


One way to assemble a stylish look using the winter coat is to dress up by riding layers with tricot, sweatshirt or sweater. This is a way to combine colors and textures without feeling cold.

Another option with layers is to wear waterproof vests, synthetic fur or knitwear underneath the snow coat.


The accessories such as caps and scarves are fundamental in the Canadian winter and aesthetically they give a touch of color and highlight of the look that makes all the difference.
Tip: Another option I loved was a skirt above the legging because it gives a more feminine touch to the look. I would probably mount this look using a second skin underneath a lined fabric legging, not to go cold.

Socks with snow boots

The snow boots for being large, usually weigh in the look then, a way to give a more stylish touch is to leave the half apparent and the color does not necessarily need to match with the look. (some looks above also have this proposal).

These tips gave me several ideas on how to spice up my winter looks that basically consisted of shutting me inside my winter coat. Of course, that elaborating more stylish looks will require more layers of clothing, but I think it’s an option for those days that we want to produce a little more, you know? 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these inspirations. Enjoy and tell me what your favorite is.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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