2017 Favorites

Over the past year, I’ve shared several products monthly, including if you haven’t seen them all. So for this month, I decided to bring my favorite products of the year 2017.

It was hard to choose because I still using these products and the ones that ended up I have been restoring, with this easily, almost all I could rank as favorites of the year Hahahaha… I have selected my top 5.

Can I love this product forever? Revlon’s One-Step hair brush makes my routine a little easier, I just minutes I can dry, smooth and decrease my hair volume. The product is super lightweight and super practical to use. I mega recommend!

I bought it at Walmart and paid CAD $49,90. Check here

The Grandiôse mascara by Lancôme has become a milestone in my life. It was the first mascara that actually managed to lift and bend my eyelashes, which are heavy and no mask could bring good results and I always needed to appeal to the use of Curvex.
Today using only the Lancôme mascara I have an excellent result and do not need the support of Curvex. I love this mascara!

I bought it at Sephora by CAD $36.00. Check here

I met Tarte brand in 2017 when I was looking for a highlighter whose color matched my skin tone and had a good pigmentation. So after testing several brands in a Sephora store, I found this highlighter from Tarte that has a perfect color, a gorgeous glow, and a surreal pigmentation! No doubt it was one of the best make-up acquisitions I’ve made in my life.

I bought it at Sephora and paid CAD $35.00. Check here.

Nyx was also a romance that began in 2017. I had known the brand for a while, but had not yet consumed its products and today I am simply in love with their product lines. During the last year, some things that I needed to replace I ended up swapping for products of Nyx, such as concealer and shadow pigment, which I have loved.
But for the list of favorites of the year, I choose the matte lipsticks of Nyx, which dry fast, but leave a soft touch very comfortable, besides the pigmentation and fixation are incredible. Often, even after eating, the lipstick is still there, beautiful!
Among the colors I got, it was hard to pick one because I really love everyone, but I will vote for red Kitten heels, which is always a beautiful bet!

The lipstick I bought at Nyx and paid CAD $10.00. See here

For me, shampoo and conditioner need to be from the same line, because I believe that the results will be more effective, after all the brand produced both to deliver the same result in the proposed treatment.
Therefore, I could not speak only of one of them, because I think that the combination of the Shampoo and conditioner of Pierre’s Apothecary is that brings the result that I love.
In addition to moisturize, leave clean, soft and glossy, these products have greatly reduced the volume of my hair, leaving it even smoother and something I love in them, is the perfume that stays in the hair for at least 2 days. I love and super recommend! In fact, Pierre’s Apothecary is one more brand that I met only in 2017 and I became super enthusiastic after I tested several of their products and loved it.

The shampoo and the conditioner I bought at the winners and paid CAD $14.99

That was my top 5 of 2017! I hope you enjoyed it and that some of these products help you in everyday life.

Xoxo and see you in the next post.


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