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25 ideas for Halloween costumes

The month of October came and with it comes Halloween that happens on the 31st of this Month. I confess that I get super excited about this day, because when I lived in Brazil, I dreamed of living at least once a Halloween night North American and today living in Canada, I try to enjoy this day dressing some costume and going to some party.

We moved to Toronto in October 2016 and even in the midst of the rush of change, we made a simple costume to enjoy the Halloween. The costume chosen was from Pokemon trainer inspired on Pokemon Go.

Last year, I had a little more time to think about the costumes and the chosen one was with the theme of the series Stranger things and in that we had the special participation of my mother who was here at the Time.

I particularly find it more cool to customize the costumes than to buy ready, because besides being cheaper, I think it ends up getting more fun because of the Creativity.
During my research for a theme, I always find genius ideas that are easy to do and so I decided to share some here on the Blog.

Among the challenges to define a costume to wear in Canada Are: choose one that is appropriate for the cold you usually do on October 31st and also choose a character that is known by the local Culture. To help I’ve selected fantasies that fit these requirements.




Tip: Some fantasies like the theme fun, can be adapted to the cold, just adding layers of trousers or blouses in the color of your skin or in the color of the character’s clothing.
In my fantasy of Eleven (Stranger things), the character wears a dress and to warm me I put two pantyhose in the color of my skin.



Tip: after choosing a character you can from it look for other references to have different ideas of how to elaborate the same costume. The same happens when you set a theme such as Harry Potter, where you can search other characters costumes to replace some idea that you have seen or to include some family member/group of friends

Tell me what was your favorite theme and what will be your choice for Halloween?

Xoxo and see you on the next post

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