4 days in Vancouver

For those who accompany me on Instagram (@mundodasil) know that at the beginning of the month we traveled to Vancouver and there I shared in the stories a few moments of the trip and today I came to bring the details of our itinerary and some tips of the trip.

Vancouver is on the west coast of Canada and is a bit far from Toronto, about 5:00 by plane. Besides the distance, as the city has enough activity, I think it is not worth going to stay just a weekend. Particularly, I thought that the 4 days we were there, (being 4 days and a half) were enough to know and enjoy the city.

The climate of VANCOUVER

Vancouver is known to be a city with the mildest temperatures in Canada, it hardly snows or heats of 40C, however, it rains on average, more than 200 days of the year.
The season where the rains are less constant is during the summer and that was why we chose to go in this season, however to our surprise, only 1 day of the trip did not rain and in another the sky opened during the afternoon, so, be prepared to make the rides under a thin and constant drizzle.

Traveling by plane in Canada with the dog

This trip, was special because we took Tadeu to enjoy the rides with us and he loved. Unlike the trip from Montreal and Quebec we have been in the winter and he could not leave the house because of the extreme cold.
Tadeu is a very quiet dog and he loves his carrying bag so in the flight he was super quiet and it was not necessary to medicate him, I just cut his afternoon nap and with it, at night he was tired and was sleeping the entire flight.


Vancouver is a city surrounded by mountains and wildlife, with this, it is possible to find bears, elk, wolves and hunting birds during the rides in the mountains.
In the city, it is possible to hear Crows everywhere and on account of proximity to the mountains, it is not impossible to find some hunter bird in the trees of the city. So, who has small animals like Tadeu, it is important to take great care, even on leashes around the city, because it can be captured by one of these hunting birds.

Screenplay in VANCOUVER

We left Toronto on June 29th (Friday) at night and we returned 4th of July (Wednesday) in the afternoon, with this we had 4 and a half days in the city, which for us was enough and below I share our screenplay.

Day One


As this would be one of the days that it would rain all day long, we took the opportunity towalk through Canada Place, which is a city exhibition center that is shaped like a ship. Even if you don’t want to watch any exhibits or events that are going on there, it’s worth taking a walk and seeing the place on the outside. It is beautiful and has a view of the harbor where the cruises are moored.


Inside the Canada Place, there is an attraction called FlyOver, which was developed by the same creators of the Soarin attraction that has in Disney, a 4d simulator where you make a flyby by the main sights worldwide. The Canadian version has the same proposal, however, you make a flyby by several points of Canada. The attraction is just as amazing as Disney and I huge recommend it.

The tickets for the FlyOver have the value of CAD $24.65/per adult and you can purchase on the site.


Gastown is a well-known neighborhood in Vancouver, the place is packed with bars and restaurants, making the nightlife of the place very hectic.
It’s there, you’ll find the famous steam clock from Vancouver (steam watch) that was built in 1977


Grandville Island is another popular tourist spot in the city. On this island, there are several shops of souvenirs, crafts, restaurants, and the famous Granville Island Public Market, that sells a variety of products such as fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats and more.

None of the restaurants over there are pet-friendly, so we can’t eat at any of them. But Tadeu loved the ride.

Day 2


The suspension bridge of the Capilano is in the park that bears the same name, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and is one of the best-known tourist spots in the city. The bridge is 140m in length and is suspended at 80 meters. It scales a lot, but it is safe.

As summer is high season in Vancouver, the city was full and the bridge was crowded.

Besides the bridge, the park also counts with trails and treetops area which is a trail suspended among the trees.

Another cool attraction is the Cliff Walk, a circular walkway that is 300 feet high.

There were also the presentations of a hunting owl, which fixed the look on Tadeu, as soon as he saw him in my lap and according to the coach, my dog would be just a breakfast for her. Therefore, reinforcement: beware of small animals during the rides.

Tip: For those who buy the ticket in advance, it has the advantage of being able to use the shuttle of the park that makes the path free from the center of Vancouver to the park and the route lasts about 20min.

The park tickets cost CAD $46.95/adult and you can buy on the official website.


The most famous mountain of the city is the Grouse mountain, from there you have a beautiful view of Vancouver and enjoy some attractions that are included in the ticket, remembering that they vary according to the season of the year, learn more.
The mountain is open for visitation all year round, including during the winter when the place becomes a large Ski station.

At the top of Grouse Mountain, live a couple of bears, Grinder and Coola, who were rescued still puppies. The female after losing her run-over mother and the male who was found alone and malnourished. After rehabilitation the bears could no longer adapt to wildlife, so since 2001, both remain under care in this area.

Here in the mountain, there are also some presentations with hunting birds, Lumberjack Shows (axes that are arremeçados in targets) and it is possible to do other activities paid aside as Tyrolean, paragliding, bike trail, helicopter ride.

Still, on the mountain, we had a chance to see a deer’s family walking down the mountain. So cute!

The ascent and descent of the mountain are also an attraction to the side because it is made in a gondola and you make the path enjoying the beautiful scenery of the city.

The ticket to climb the mountain costs CAD$ 56.00/adult and you can buy by the site

Day 3


Stanley Park is the largest park in the city and is 10% larger than New York’s Central Park. Can you believe it?
As this would be the only day we would have sun all day, we took advantage to go to Stanley Park to do what we like best: a picnic and bike. As on that day, there would be a game of Brazil, we ended up leaving home late.
We rented two bikes in one of the shops that stand in front of the main entrance of Stanley Park and at the end of the tour we paid CAD $60.00 for the 2:00hs of use of the two bikes (I found it expensive).

The park has an incredible bike path, where practically the whole path is single-handed and is at a different level of the pedestrian track which makes the place safer to pedal, besides, the most amazing is that the most of the bike path makes coast with the sea, then you pedal with a wonderful view. So even if you do not want to pedal there, I recommend at least walk on the pedestrian track, because the view is beautiful.

After returning the bikes, we go to see the Digital Orca and the torch of the Winter Olympics that happened in Vancouver in 2010. Both sculptures are beside to Canada Place.


Nearby it is also the Bella Gelateria who caught our attention for the line that turned the block on all the days we were in the city and I confess that for the same reason we almost did not make the ice cream, which would have been terrible, because the ice cream is awesome and was rewarded The as the best in the world in a competition in 2012. So I highly recommend that you face the line because it’s worth it.

Bella Gelateria: 1001 W Cordova St, Vancouver

Day 4


For those who are a fan of the Once Upon a Time series like me, it is worth visiting the city of Steveston in Richmond, which gave life to Storybroke. There you will find some establishments that appear in the series as Granny’s. Soon I will make a detailed post about this experience.

The locations are at the address: Moncton St, Richmond.

Tip: The city is about 40min from downtown Vancouver and we made the public transportation route, catching a train and descending at the Richmond station and taking a bus to the address where the series ‘ scenarios are.


We saw in a subway ad that was rolling a Disney exhibition, called The science behind Pixar and as fans of Toy Story and so many other animations, we did not resist and we went to check.
The exhibition explains the different processes for building a scene and how the effects are performed. The cool thing is that everything is interactive and you can understand everything in practice.
I was delighted and loved the class that the exhibition provided us.

The exhibition will be available until January 6, 2019 in the Telus World of Science. Tickets have the value of CAD $25.00/per adult and for children, the ticket varies depending on the age between free and CAD $20.25. If you are in the city of Vancouver, be sure to check and take a picture with your favorite characters. Learn more about the exhibition.


Our last tour was at Queen Elizabeth Park, which has a beautiful view of the city and facing the mountains. The view is incredible and it is worthwhile to go there to enjoy the sunset.

Beyond the view of the mountains, the park is has a garden full of beautiful trees and flowers.

As our flight was early in the afternoon, we couldn’t make any rides on the last day and embarked back home.

I hope you enjoyed the post and can enjoy a lot of Vancouver when they go to visit it.

Xoxo and see you on until the next post.

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