For those who follow the blog, know that we were recently in Vancouver and besides sharing some rides on my Instagram (@mundodasil) I also detailed the itinerary and how to spend 4 days in Vancouver.

Once upon a time is one of my favorite TV series and three years ago I discovered that the fictional city of Storybrooke, Maine actually is a real town called Steveston in BC. Since then I dreamed of the day when I would visit the city.
The idea was to visit and see my favorite characters, however as the series came to an end this year and the Canadian city ceased to be scenery since last season, the dream was split in two and the second part will be to meet Regina and Rumplestiltskin.

Even without seeing the characters in action, the emotion was the same, I could hardly believe it was there in front of Rumplestiltskin’s store, and I confess that I was thrilled because he is one of my favorite characters in the series. The store is the same on the outside and the inner space seems to me the same, however, the disposition of everything is different.

Right in the center of the city of Steveston (as well as in the Storybrooke), is the iconic building of the clock tower, which in history houses a library but in real life is an antique shop.
This intersection is one of the scenarios that most appear in history, because many battles happened there, and it is inevitable not to feel within the series looking at this building, even though it does not possess the tower that was made in computer graphics for the series.

One of the places that were most exciting to me was to see Granny’s Dinner, and it’s just identical to the series, with the white bar, the chairs outside. I stayed for a minute wishing that some character came out of there LoL.
Just like Rumplestiltskin’s store, the granny’s dinner inside is different from the series, and as on the day of our visit the site was closed, I could not register photos from inside the site.

As long as the series is not recorded there, the city has returned to its normal routine, there are no more signs with the fictitious names in the stores and nor any indication that Storybrooke already existed. So much so that only the city post office sells a few souvenirs of the series, such as buttons and refrigerator magnets.

Tip: The couriers sell-by CAD $2.50 a map with the location of the establishments appearing in the series. We bought it and I thought it was not worth it because until it arrives in the mail (which is at the end of the court) we had already passed through all the establishments that are presented on the map.

These sites that appear in the series are on the main street of the city and it is amazing to imagine how they recorded it as if everything was distant and in fact it was all on the same street. The locations where Regina’s house and City Hall are located are in other cities.

In Steveston, there is also a harbor and there were recorded some scenes with Captain Hook and where was docked the ship Jolly Roger, which was also made using computer graphics.

In addition to the Once Upon a Time scenarios, the city has an open-air museum near the harbour that is worth knowing.

The residential area of Steveston is also passionate and it is a delight to walk a little around the region. I confess I was in the mood to live there.


The city is about an hour from downtown Vancouver and it is possible to go by train, including that’s how we went there and found the super quiet path coming out of the Waterfront station that lies in downtown Vancouver and descending at Richmond station, where there are some buses to Steveston. Check the route here.

Visiting Storybrooke was very special to me and I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about the city as well.

Are you a fan of this Tv series too? What’s your favorite character?

Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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