Hi, I’m Sil 😀

A fun woman who loves to pluck people’s smiles and distribute positivity. Dreamer assumed, use courage and faith as fuel to fulfill your dreams.

I am a conscious shopper and do not spare an economy, so I share here sincere tips on beauty products that are worthwhile and proposals for looks with versatile pieces, to be used quite well.
How about we exchange tips for fashion and beauty products?

Since 2016 I live in Toronto, where I have loved exploring every corner and I take to record my findings, which I share on the blog, with the intention of taking Canada to close to people.
How about we get to know Toronto together?

Just like many people, I love to travel and since when I found out that I can go anywhere, once I plan and believe, I have always dreamed of new destinations and encouraged people to realize their dream journeys as well.
How about embarking with me and getting information of new places for you to meet?

The Sil World Blog, is a space where I share several tips, aiming to help people to make profitable purchases, bring them closer to Canada and encourage them to do unforgettable trips.

So rest easy, feel free and enjoy the world of Sil.

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