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Apple picking on an amazing farm.

Recently, I shared here on the blog my fall bucket list, and one activity of them was apple picking.

In North America, it is very common for people to visit farms to harvest fruits and/or vegetables throughout the year (except in winter). This activity is so popular, it has become practically a tradition and we have gradually adopted this custom.

Last year we went to meet a pumpkins farm, but only this year we actually harvested one when we visited Cooper’s Farm.

Taking advantage of the harvest season of autumn, we take advantage of the Carl Laidlaw Orchards, a farm of apples and so, harvest some straight from the apple tree.
This farm is located in Brampton, a town about 45mins from Toronto and has free on-site parking.

On this farm, there are more than 20 types of different apples, and I confess that I was surprised to find that there are so many types of apples. During the harvest period of apples-which occurs between the beginning of September until the end of October you will find every two weeks, a different group of apples to pick. Learn the time of each type of mace here. With this, upon arriving on site you will have the opportunity to sample the types of apples that are available for harvesting on the day in question.

After choosing which apple(s) you will reap to take home, they orient the location of the orchard where is the type of apples you want to pick. Arriving there, just choose the apples you want (remembering that once you take an apple from the tree you must pay for it) and then put them in a bag that you previously brought from home. When you leave, the apple bag will be weighed and you’ll pay for the weight.

The farm is HUGE and besides the apples, there are also other plantations that you can harvest, such as pumpkin and pear plantation.

In the same location, there is also a sunflowers field, which is the perfect setting for beautiful photos, by the way, in this post I shared our visit in a sunflowers field.

And for those who were excited to visit a maze of corn, after I shared about this super fun activity, guess what? This farm also has a maze of corn, that is, it is the perfect opportunity for you to do one more typical activity here.

And it does not stop there, because there is a river that passes directly to the bottom of the farm and in it formed a natural incubator of salmon, with this, you have the opportunity to see some salmon fossa halt laying eggs between the stones of the river. Too much, huh?

Another super advantage (at least for us), is that this farm is pet-friendly and you can take your dog as long as it is always stuck on the leash and do not pee on the fruits or vegetables.

Tadeu is passionate about apples, I think he liked to smell his favorite fruit all over the place.

The farm is beautiful, has an excellent structure. Everything is well organized and still has amazing scenery for photos. I highly recommend the visit because it is possible to have several experiences in the same location.

The Carl Laidlaw Orchards is fantastic and by far was the most amazing farm we have visited until today. No doubt it will become tradition here at home and every year we will visit it.


CAD $7.75 (+ fees) per adult and kids between 2 and 17 years pay CAD$5.75
ATTENTION: This value refers only to the admission, apples and pears are billed for kilo and pumpkins per unit.

I hope you enjoyed this tip and enjoy your visit there a lot.

Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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