Canada Day in Ottawa

On 1 July 1867, three Provincias (similar to what we know as states in Brazil) North America, joined together to form a domain of greater and unique territory within the British Empire, which would be called Canada.
Based on this historic event, Canada completed 152 years in 2019, but the curious thing is that the country only became completely independent of the British colony after the Constitutional Act that took place in 1982 (i.e. 37 years ago). However, popularly July 1st became known as the country’s anniversary, where Canada Day is celebrated.

To celebrate this date, we decided to enjoy the holiday in the capital of the country, where there would be several concerts and ceremonies in celebration of Canada Day. As the holiday would be on Monday, we decided to leave Toronto car on Sunday morning and the trip lasted about 4:30min to Ottawa.


As Tadeu was with us, we needed to stay in a pet-friendly location and among the surveys we did between hotels and Airbnb, we saw that the cheapest and closest option to the center that allowed us to do everything on foot was the hotel Delta.


On Sunday and on holiday, many establishments were closed, so if you are visiting Ottawa on Canada Day, search the establishments that have worked before, because we did not do this and some had to call because they had no information on the site and/or not Updated social networks.


To celebrate Canada Day a huge stage is assembled in front of the parliament, where there are several performances and shows of local artists, as well as speeches from government representatives, as the Prime Minister and one day before the party, it is possible to watch the rehearsal of some artists.

On account of the size of the event there is a huge security procedure (with long queues), to have access to the lawn in front of the parliament, where the shows happen and usually people arrive early to try to avoid the queues and take a good place. As dogs are not allowed in this area, we end up not entering, but in any case, you can also watch the shows on the street in front of the parliament, through the screens.

Near there happened some military performances, such as the overflight of fighter planes scratching the sky, gunfire of cannons and the march of the guards with the band, and this undoubtedly was the presentation that most thrilled me.

As we walked down the street, we began to see a sudden agglomeration of people on our side and when we looked at it was the guard organizing themselves right next to us. I was so, but so happy, because the guard only appears in Ottawa during the summer to make the guard exchange in front of Parliament and that was something I really wanted to see.
However, on because of the events in Canada Day, there would be no guard exchange in Parliament and then, without we knowing they appeared so close to me in an even greater than normal formation.

It was beautiful to see them doing everything perfectly synchronized and with a look and posture so respectful and full of pride across the country. Their love and pride made me cry. I remembered my Canadian dream that began in 2013 and that now I was there, in the capital of the country that I chose to live, love, respect, and care. I felt blessed to remember that my dream had become a reality and that every day I have been more passionate about this country.

In addition to the shows, there is also a presentation of artificial fireworks that happen at 10 pm, however, as the next day would be a working day and we would have to take the road for almost 5hs, we could not stay in Ottawa until that time. But if you have time, be sure to see it, because it seems incredible!


As we were in the city, we took a stroll and revisit places we had already seen and liked on our first visit to Ottawa, which I detailed in this post so I thought it was not necessary to repeat the tips.

To illustrate this trip I did a vlog with our days there. Press Play to check it:

Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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