Canadian Rockies Trip by RV part 2 of 6

This trip was by far the most amazing we’ve ever done, I think even on Google I saw a place as beautiful as this. No doubt, it was moments that will be forever in our memory and so I want to share this paradise with you and who knows how to inspire them to know it too.

In the first post of the trip I detailed all the planning and costs for you to organize and in today’s post, I’ll share the script for our first day.


We took a flight from Toronto to Calgary that lasted four hours. We arrived in Calgary at 9:00 am (local time) and from there we connected to the Fraserway (the company we rented the motorhome) to warn that we had arrived, then they would send the car that would take us to the company’s headquarters, where we would get our motorhome.


Upon arriving at Fraserway, we signed some documents, received all instructions on the use/routine of the car and we were cleared to hit the road.
Before we went to BANFF, we stopped at the supermarket in the frills (which was almost in front of the Fraserway) and we bought food with quick/practical preparation to take on the trip. Besides mineral water and appetizers like fruits and biscuits to carry in the backpack.

We had lunch there too and then we took the road towards Banff, where require 2 hours to arrive, but with the advantage of having every curve a beautiful scenery surrounding us, we did not see the time pass (Ahhh as I loved the roads of this place).


Our first stop was Banff gondola. A cable car that takes us to the top of a mountain and provides an incredible view of the city of Banff and the surroundings of the mountains.

Once we get off the cable car there is a staircase that leads to another mountain peak where we have other angles of the same view. It’s worth following.

I will leave the coordinates of all the places so that you put in the GPS or download the map offline on Google Maps (as we did) because in some places the cell is without signal.
Coordinates: 51.149100,-115.557592


On the way to our next destination, which would be the Emerald Lake, we saw a sign announcing a place called Natural Bridge, as we had time we decided to stop to know and super was worth it because the waterfall is gorgeous.

The place is named after the stones that together form a natural bridge.

Coordinates: 51.38209516845823,-116.5304093483624


From there, we left for the Emerald Lake that is in the park of Yoho and it was the only destination we know in this park.
This was the first lake we visited on the trip and the first impact was indescribable, we were really impressed with the color of it, the reflection of the mountain in the water and the whole scenery that surrounded it.
As we arrived at the end of the day (it was more than 8:00 pm) The place was empty and the peace of the place took care of us.

Coordinates: 51.438979,-116.541122


Out of there, we headed for the first camping we would spend the night, the Tunnel Mountain Trailler Court, located in Banff. This camping was quite complete, with wide vacancies for the motorhomes, with water, electric energy and sewage by vacancy, bathrooms with showers and as additional a beautiful view of the mountains.

As this trip had an amazingly beautiful destination, I decided to make videos during the trip to give a greater sense of the places we visit and take this paradise to close to you. Then check out the vlog with a summary of that first day of travel 🙂

I hope you enjoyed your first day. Enjoy and tell me in the comments what was your favorite place?

See you tomorrow with the second day of the trip.

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