Canadian Rockies Trip by RV part 3 of 6

In this post, I will detail the roadmap of our second day by the Canadian Rockies, so if you did not see the script of the first day, check here.

Our second day was had a lot of expectation on our side because the lake that hovered in our dreams was Lake Louise and finally, we would meet him.
Following all the recommendations we organized to go to the Moraine lake early, we got there about 8:00 am, but the place was already closed due to the parking lot, so we followed to his neighbor, Lake Louise and in that still had vacancies for cars, but no longer for motorhomes. So following the recommendation of the staff there, we decided to come back later.

As the change in the script, we follow to what would be our third destination…


This place is on the edge of a road and is known to have this beautiful view, worthy of a painting. With an active train line (we even saw a train at the exact moment we were there) and a charming blue brook surrounded by the mountains. It’s breathtaking.

Coordinates: 51.399644,-116.128323


Our next stop was at Johnston Canyon, a place with extensive walls carved thoroughly by the wind and water for millions of years. And to complete the scenery, some waterfalls and water flow between these walls. It’s a beautiful act of nature.
For several moments Ficavámos thinking how many things happened in that place so that the stones had reached that shape and for the water to run down that path.

On this tour, there is a very well structured trail that takes visitors towards the waterfalls and the extension of the current. It’s a delight to walk around listening to the sound of the water all around the sidewalk.

The trail is almost 2.6 km and in its path, there are 3 waterfalls. The trail has a few climbs and stairs but it’s a light walk.

We walked only to the second waterfall, due to the time we would have after the change of the script and super paid off.

Coordinates: 51.245451,-115.839924


Leaving from there we stopped to have lunch in the motorhome itself and then we went to the so dreamed meeting with the lake Louise and to ensure that this time we would get in, we stopped in the parking that is about 20 minutes from there, where a shuttle went out every 15min taking The tourists for free there.

We arrived at the lake at 3 pm and it was full of tourists and did not give to have that moment of connection with the lake as we would like. But he was there with his tone of blue and amazingly beautiful even on a cloudy day because in the sun the colors are even more enchanting, can you imagine?


The ápise of our encounter with the so dreamed Lake Louise happened during the canoe ride, where all the excitement of the crowd was lagging behind and then it was just the two of us, the lake and the mountains. I will never forget the time we stood there, feeling embraced by the mountains.

The canoe holds up to 3 people and has the value of CAD $105.00 for 1h or CAD $95.00 for 30min. Honestly, I did not find it cheap, but as this place was which we were most excited to know, we decided to enjoy and for us, the experience was super fun, both by the lake and by rowing for the first time.

Coordinates: 51.416288,-116.212619


Our next destination was at Moraine lake and we arrived after 5 pm. Lake and it was past the Magically the road was no longer blocked and everyone could visit it. Arriving there the parking lot was still full and luckily we found a vacancy.
This lake is also beautiful, by the way the mountains are positioned and by the shade of darker blue (even more compared to Lake Louise). The only downside is that the best view of the lake is on top of a mountain of loose stones, and it didn’t give us much security to climb (even seeing some people climbing them quickly). But even from below the view was already dazzling and rewarding.

And lucky for me, a whole squirrel displayed came close to me so I could do a photo essay of him in this beautiful scenery lol. Needless to say, I melted all over him.

Even, I did not know of the existence of this wild squirrel, which has black stripes on the back, small tail and is much smaller than the squirrels we see in the cities. So I could understand where the inspiration came from to make Chip and Dale 🐿💙

Coordinates: 51.330481,-116.180805

Out of there, we went straight to the campsite, which was the same as the night before, the Trailer Court.

I also enjoyed and made a vlog of that second day, where I share a little of all these rides that we did. Check below:

Enjoy and tell me in the comments which ride you liked most, I will love to know:)

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