Canadian Rockies Trip by RV part 4 of 6

For those who have been following the trip here on the blog, know how crazy we were to meet the Lake Louise, which is really beautiful and already told in this post as it was. And I really bet that this would be our favorite place of the trip, but everything changed a day later when we know the place that would be my favorite ever. Below I tell you what this place is.


Our day started by taking a road known to be the most beautiful in the world, the Icefields Parkway that connects Banff to Jasper and no doubt the road was something that surprised me a lot because I really did not expect that throughout the trip incredible scenarios were in Surround. I could spend days talking about this road and its magnificent scenery.

The Icefield Parkway is filled with several mountains, some more rocky, others full of pine trees, others with snow on the top, as well as streams and lakes that were emerging along the road. It was often irresistible to stop and take a picture in the scenarios that appeared. So a good tip is: Short muitoooo the road which is really a ride the part.


The first stop of the day was at Herbert Lake, which was empty when we visited and perhaps not very popular because it has waters in a dark green, which is not as flashy as the other lakes in the region, but still it is very beautiful and worth the visit

Coordinates: 51.462076,-116.224198


On the way to the next lake, a mandatory stop is at Crowfoot Glacier, a mountain in which its glacier forms the drawing of a crow’s foot. This location is observed on the road, where tourists stop at the very side to take a picture of the mountain. So, write down the GPS coordinates I’m going to leave, so you don’t get hit at that point.

Coordinates: 51.662857,-116.437741


This lake is amazingly beautiful and was one of our favorites. We spent some time there contemplating the colors of it that changed as the sun appeared and hid. It was magical and worth every minute of it.

Coordinates: 51.679031,-116.464487


Behold, we arrived at the place that left me without air, without words and very emotional. I do not even know how to describe this place to you, because it was not only the color of the water that impressed me, but the whole scenery around him and every detail inserted there formed a perfect painting.

For a moment I had to stop and applaud God for creating that elusive place, that my eyes could hardly believe was real. For me, I think that there is no place in the world more beautiful than that and no doubt has become my own private paradise.

Coordinates: 51.716510,-116.498376


This is another lake that’s on our favorites list. It has waters in a beautiful turquoise blue tone and a particular mountain (the one in the picture below), gives a whole charm in place (loved the pictures we took there).
When we arrived the place already had a few tourists, but no massive.

Coordinates: 51.849807,-116.628415


This was one of the places I had a great expectation of knowing. To handle a suspended glass bridge at 219m High on a mountain. So you can imagine the experience right?

To have access to this bridge it is necessary to buy the ticket that gives you the right to transport there (since there is no way to go by car and only their bus is allowed to stop there). The ticket has the value of CAD $29,00/person and you can buy here.

The view is really beautiful and the experience is curious. As the day was raining and a mist covered some mountains, we did not see the apse of sight and yet we enjoyed, imagine then in a day with the open heaven?

Coordinates of the location I left the buses for the ride: 52.221009,-117.219175


That ride has the value of CAD $85,00/person and when acquiring this you win the ride for the Skywalk that I mentioned above. The Athabasca Glacier is a mountain with a glacier of about a mile long and the ease to access it is the most visited glacier in North America.

Speaking of this facility in visiting her, an intriguing part is just how we got there, where the buses (with giant tyres and specials) take the tourists to the middle of the glacier. The buses take turns with each other and at least I was amazed how those vehicles that look heavy walk quietly on the ice without breaking it.

Getting there the impression I had was to be an ant in the middle of that imensão of rocks and the glacier. Some children were having fun because it was the first time they saw “snow” and I enjoyed seeing the joy of them < 3

Tip: Don’t forget to bring heavier tracksuits for this ride, because it’s cold up there. We forgot to take and we had to buy in the souvenir shops, ie we pay dearly for the slip.

Coordinates of the location I left the buses for the ride: 52.221009,-117.219175

From there we proceed to the Camp Whistlers campground that is in Jasper.

Below is the vlog with a summary of everything I commented here, check there:

And so was our third day of travel, hope you enjoyed it. Enjoy and tell me in the comments which ride you liked most of that day.

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Xoxo and until the next day of this trip.


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