Canadian Rockies Trip by RV part 5 of 6

Following with the script by the Rockies, today I will describe the 4th and 5th day of the trip, where we had some surprises, like a ride that we can not do on the scheduled day and our meeting with a bear. Ahhhh inclusive, who accompanies me on the Insta (@mundodasil) saw the bear in my stories, so if you still do not follow me check it now and follow these and other adventures.


The fourth day of the trip had few rides, more road and more rest, so we woke up later and arrived at the first destination, Maligne Lake at 10 am.
This lake is well known in the region and when we arrived some tourists took advantage of the place. In this lake, it is possible to take a boat trip, whose value is CAD $65,00/person. Get yours here.
We did not do the boat trip, we were just enjoying the lake and enjoying the view.

Unfortunately, that day the sky was very clouded and the lake that is turquoise was actually dark green. Can you believe this?
So be sure to include it on your list, because on a sunny day it will surprise you a lot.

Coordinates: 52.730515,-117.638423


We had planned to have lunch in Jasper and stroll around the city for the rest of the afternoon, but to our surprise (as we had not researched about) Jasper’s center is very small and the shopping area occupies basically a long court, which in 10min you have seen everything:)

The city is very charming and worth the ride, but I suggest less time than we planned, because in the end, we ended up coming back very early to the campsite.


Speaking of camping, Whistler was the second campsite we slept in, and the first Jasper we had. We arrived in it the day before, the place is well structured and counted even with a playground for the children, all well organized.
A difference in relation to the previous camping (which was in Banff) was the most integrated environment with the forest, but this seemed to me a general characteristic of Jasper in which even on the roads the approach with the animals and the forest are larger.


On the fifth day, we booked the trips to some waterfalls and the first one we visited was the known Athabasca Falls.
I don’t know about you, but I’m always amazed by the strength of water in the waterfalls and I feel fragile as a grain of sugar.

In that same waterfall, there is a path with some cool walls that lead where the waters follow their course:)

Coordinates: 52.666092,-117.883981


From there we proceeded to the second waterfall, Sunwapta Falls, which in addition to having a waterfall as strong as the previous one, still had an island all charming in the midst of the rapids (which even illustrates the cover of this post)…. Ahhhh This Mother Nature, always full of charm.

Coordinates: 52.533528,-117.645384


On the way back, we stopped at the Horseshoe Lake that would be our first destination of the day, but when we got there early and didn’t see anyone, we preferred to come back later in the hope of having more people…. and it worked out. Back there, some cars were already stopped and other people were coming, so we took advantage to go along.
This almost secret place is not very well known to tourists and the locals are the ones who end up enjoying it to catch the sun and jump from the rocks to the lake of emerald green color. The only one we saw in that color. Gorgeous and worth venturing to know him.

Coordinates: 52.696050,-117.866650

In our screenplay, the Mounth Edith Cavell was our next destination, but when we got there, we were caught by surprise with the information that the site has the a number of limited visitors divided in time and only those who have access authorization can visit the site. Since we didn’t have that access, we had to arrange to go the next day. But I’ll tell you the details in the next post.

Then from there, we proceeded to the Wabasso Campground, which was third camping trip and second in Jasper. This camping was also well structured, the only downside to consider is that there was no shower in the bathrooms. Other than that, it was perfect.

And between a walk and another, we found a bear in the middle of the road. On the trip, we saw in total 4 bears, but this was the only one that gave to shoot/shoot well.

And following with the vlogs, below has a summary of these 2 days of travel, check there:

Of the rides of these two days, which one did you like the most? Tell Me in the comments, I’d love to know.

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