Canadian Rockies Trip by RV part 6 OF 6

We arrived in the last post of the trip and in this I will detail for you the script of the 6th and 7th day of the trip, which we had to adapt, but in the end, we managed to do practically everything we had planned (only missed the Cascade Gardens).


As I commented in the previous post of the trip, we had to relocate the tour in the Mounth Edith, because when we were informed that the site has a limited number of visitors per day and it is necessary to get a permit to access it. With this, we woke up early and 7:30 am we were in front of the Information Center in the center of Jasper to try to obtain the authorization, which is distributed in order of arrival.
We had programmed ourselves to get permission very early and go straight to the Mounth Edith, but when it came to our time only the schedules from the 2 pm were available, so we had to again change the script.

We stayed in the center stalling to pass the time and at 1:30 pm we followed to the Mounth Edith. Getting there, we were already surprised by the huge walls of the mountains surrounding the parking lot, the feeling was to be embraced by all of them.

After a short walk, we reached the most popular spot, where the water that was melting from the glaciers, descends down the mountain and down there forms a beautiful blue Lake Clarissimo.

Coordinates: 52.687404,-118.056316

PEYTO LAKE (again)

With the total change of the script, we decided to enjoy the beautiful day of Sun that made to revisit one of the places we like most: the Peyto lake. This place really was very, very special and it was a great joy to be able to come back and say goodbye.
Getting there, he was even more gorgeous (as if it were possible) and even clearer with the sun beating. We sat there for a while and we were enjoying and thanking every second in that precious place.

Coordinates: 51.716510,-116.498376


Our next destination would be the last lake of the trip, Lake Minnewanka. We get there at 8:30 pm and thanks to the long summer days, in which the sun sets the 9 pm (there in the case was after the 10 pm), we managed to arrive before sundown to enjoy the transition of colors of the evening in the CIA of the lake and the mountains.

Coordinates: 51.247359,-115.500420

From there we went to the camping Village II, which was the same camping that we stayed on the first day of travel.


The next day, we went to a well-known cave there, the Cave and Basin. We got there bright and early because we had to return the car in Calgary by noon.

The cave has thermal waters in the blue color and a small waterfall where the water comes running inside the cave. Very beautiful!
The site also has a strong smell, (which then researching found that it is sulfur), but it is nothing that does not give to bear during the visit.

Coordinates: 51.171062,-115.586858


From there we pass by car in the Surprise corner, a famous corner of Banff, where it is possible to have the view of the Fairmont Banff Springs, the most luxurious hotel in the city.

Coordinates: 51.167466,-115.559370

Then we took a trip to Calgary, where return the RV and we would go to the airport.

And so ended our adventure in Alberta, which by far was the most incredible place we know.
Even detailing the whole trip here for you, I still do not know how to measure/describe in words what is this place and how much it moved me.
I hope I have managed to take some of the energy and the beauty of it to you and I hope with all my heart that soon, you will be there personally to confer from this paradise.

Finally, you have the last vlog of the trip with the summary of these last 2 days. Check there:

Enjoy and tell me which place you liked the most and what did you think of this proposal for vlogs here on the blog?

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