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Colors in Winter

We are in the middle of Winter in Canada and this is my first winter outfit on my blog. That’s right, I had never posted a Canadian Winter outfit, basically because of the extreme cold that we have around here my priority has always been to protect me from negative temperatures and wearing many accessories, boots, and heavy coat, it seemed impossible to elaborate a cool outfit, so he drew to elaborate something.

But since I wrote the post with 12 inspirations of looks for the Canadian Winter, I realized that it is possible to protect me from the extreme cold wearing a stylish look. So for this Winter, I decided to challenge myself to create different looks, but need to be realistic with Canada’s extreme cold.

And in my first Winter proposal, I chose a very comfortable street style outfit.
To protect me from the cold, I wore pants and a blouse as a second skin and over these pieces I wore basic black jeans and an orange sweater that is the highlight piece of the look.

To give a more stylish touch and bring even more color I tied a plaid shirt at the waist, which is a trick I love to do even in summer, to increment basic looks.
As I wanted the tricot to be the main piece of the look, I chose a shirt with a warm color (as well as the orange), so the shirt would complement the sweater and not another highlight piece.

On the feet I used my boot, which I love!

To finalize and protect me from the cold, I chose a scarf and a beret (which could be a toque too) in neutral colors, to keep the spotlight on the sweater.

Jeans: H&M | Sweater: Forever 21 | Plaid shirt: Forever 21 | Winter coat: Winners | Scarf: H&M | Beret: Forever 21| Boots: Forever 21

💚 Did you like it and want to wear this outfit? So check out some similar products that I found:

I hope you enjoyed the look of the today and this inspires you.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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