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Crazy Crepes – The most different crepes in Toronto

Recently we met a very cool creperie in Toronto, the crazy crepe. The crazy Crepes is a Japanese crepe chain, with more than 50 stores throughout the world and this year opened the first unit in Canada, right here in Toronto.

This creperie has caught our attention by offering super stuffed crepes and some with unusual products, for example, having a slice of cheesecake or a piece of brownie as the main ingredient of the stuffing.

Image source: Instagram @crazycrepescanada

Crazy Crepes offers a huge variety of Crepes with an average price between 8 and 9 dollars. There are about 50 options and all are well stuffed, making you savor portions of the stuffing until the last bite. Because they are well stuffed and it is practically a meal and not a dessert, so go prepared to eat.

In the menu, you will find crepes options where the main ingredient can be fruit, chocolate mousse, Nutella, brownie, cheesecake and also some options of salty crepes. Check out the menu here.

Image source: Instagram @crazycrepescanada

When you arrive at the store, you will find replicas of the crepes exposed in the showcase and this helps a lot when choosing one of the menu options (or it can leave you even more in doubt, right?! hahaha)

In Toronto, they often open places with different, cute and/or super-decorated products, however, most of the time these products only look beautiful and the flavor is desired.
So we weren’t expecting much from the crepes of Crazy Crepes, but we were surprised because the flavor was amazing and the cheesecake that stuffed our crepes was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

My husband chose a cheesecake crepe with strawberry, fresh cream, and strawberry syrup and I chose the XO crepe that has as cheesecake stuffing, vanilla ice cream, pieces of Oreo, fresh cream, chocolate syrup, plus a chocolate stick and an Oreo biscuit on top. Yummy!

One advantage is that crepes are very well assembled and you can eat quietly without the stuffing starting to leak.

In addition to offering beautiful and delicious crepes, the Crazy Crepes store has a super cute decoration, which got my heart and no doubt is a place that I super recommend to visit.

Crazy Crepes Address: 366 Church ST, Toronto

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Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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