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I made a post here on the blog sharing with you 10 Canadian brands of beauty products, most of them I did not know and many have get my attention by the proposal of the brand and/or products.

One of them was Deciem, which has several lines of skin care products, makeup, hair, and supplements. Among these lines that caught my attention was The Ordinary that is dedicated to skin care and aims to offer high-quality products at a very affordable price. (Thank you!)
It is a very bold proposal, but the line seems to be fulfilling what it promises because it offers more concentrated formulas than most of the market, see the example of one of its creams with 30% of Vitamin C for CAD$ 6.80, while some creams in the market offer 10% Vitamin C in a 4x smaller package for about CAD$ 25.00 – Can you believe it ?! Maybe so, they highlight the following message on the site “We are abnormal.”

Researching on the brand, they have a very transparent proposal regarding the formulas that are fully described on the site and another curiosity is that the packaging of the products are nothing “glamorous” as those of the market, in fact are simple, however functional and in the end I think that’s what matters, right? Another important information is that Deciem is committed not to do tests on animals and most of the products are vegan.

Last week I decided to visit one of 6 Deciem stores across Toronto to share with you. But beyond these stores, they own others in Vancouver and Mississauga.
In addition to Canada, they also already have stores in the USA, Mexico, England, Australia and South Korea. Check out all the addresses here.

I was in the Distillery District store, which is the largest of the brand here in Toronto and I loved the space. The lines are separated by gondolas where the products are organized by category for you to see and try.

Deciem has 8 brands with different product lines for different needs. Check it below:


The ordinary is the most famous brand of the group, as it has a wide line of skin care ranging from acids, Vitamin C, oils and moisturizers with super attractive prices, from CAD$ 5.30


Hylamide offers products that work in deeper layers of the skin, such as serums, anti-age formula, eye region formula, as well as a line dedicated to whitening and uniformizing the skin with blemishes and a curious line of skin finishing and is ideal for photography. The products have prices starting at CAD$ 16.00


NIOD is the most expensive brand in the group because it offers more advanced formulas in a larger number of acids (up to 3X more acids in the composition than The Ordinary, for example). The brand has products dedicated to anti-aging care, which help in elasticity, firmness, hydration, skin collagen and evenness of the skins. The products range from acids, masks, makeup remover and others. The products have prices starting at CAD $ 25.00


In Chemistry Brand you will find a line of moisturizers, acids and oils for skin care of the hands and also a somewhat curious line with products that inhibit the growth of hair on the face, body and even deodorant that inhibits the growth of hair in the armpits The products have prices starting at CAD 7.00


Stem is the hair brand that offers Shampoo (including one dedicated to the blond hair), Conditioner and Serum. The products are priced starting at CAD 8.70


Hif is the brand of professional shampoo for a deeper cleaning of the wires, which in addition to cleaning also hydrates the wires without the need to use conditioner. The brand has 16 varieties of shampoos among them, for detox, volume, anti-frizz, hair growth, for curly hair, for colored hair and others. The product costs CAD $ 24.00

TIP: Before visiting the store I recommend you first research the products on the website, search in different sources on the formulas and functions of the products and then validate with your dermatologist if any of them makes sense to you. In the shop, the salesgirls are very thoughtful and take several questions, but in any case it is always better you already go informed of what you need.

I bought 2 brand products, but as usual, I will test them enough to be able to share with you. So stay tuned in my Instagram (@mundodasil), which I always notice there when you have a new blog post.

I hope you guys have enjoyed meeting Deciem with me. I am delighted with the brand and curious to test other products I saw there.

And have you ever known the decider or any line of them?

Kisses and until the next post.

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