Deerhurst Resort in Ontario

This month as we would have a long weekend, we decided to enjoy a few days in a resort, which was close to Toronto.
As we would take Tadeu, we needed to find a place that was pet friendly, so the options were more restricted. In our research, we found Deerhurst Resort which is excellent and has activities for the whole family.
Another good point is that Deerhurst Resort is in Huntsville, just 2 hours from Toronto.


The resort has a large hotel and in this, the dogs are accepted however it is charged CAD $50.00 (+ fees) for it.
But besides the hotel, there are also several buildings with rooms and kitchens scattered around the place but these apartments do not accept dogs.
As we were with our dog, we stayed at the hotel and we liked very much. In the Deerhurst website, you can see the accommodations.


Deerhurst Resort is quite complete, has several outdoor activities such as tennis court, vôley, golf course, basketball, paintball, and many indoor activities such as climbing, arcade, playground, and scape room.
In front of the Deerhurst’s rooms and apartments, there is the Peninsula lake, with this, besides a beach, the site counts a wide choice of aquatic activities such as paddling, stand up paddle, splash zone, boat tour, wakeboard, and others.

For dogs, there are specific areas where they can walk and the beach is included in these places.
Some of these activities are paid and the availability and variety of them are according to the season of the year. You can heck all activities at Deerhurst Resort website.

Within the resort, there is also a farm that is about 3km from the hotel and there are several activities for adults and children. Get more information here.

And for those who want to relax, even more, Deerhurst Resort has a spa that offers several packages of beauty care services such as skin cleaning and manicure, as well as massages. It is worth checking the values on the website.

The resort has a privileged location and is next to Algonquin Park, a national park where you can make tracks around the place. What I did not know, is that in this park it is possible to find bears, so if you choose to walk there, do not forget to search before all the safety rules and how to behave if you meet an animal.


The Deerhurst Resort has no meals included, however, it has 3 restaurants within the resort and the Antler Steakhouse is close to it. Both have different styles and include the kids’ menu. You can check the menu options and all the values here.

Our long weekend at Deerhurst Resort was extremely amazing. We are crazy to come back soon and enjoy the place again.
I also made a vlog where you can check the details of those 3 days we were at Deerhurst Resort. So press play to check it.

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