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Fashion show at Toronto Women’s fashion Week

Toronto Fashion Week is a bi-annual event, where Canadian brands present their collections of spring/summer and after autumn/winter.
In addition to this event, two other events in the city are also bi-annual, the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and Toronto Women’s Fashion week where iconic designers and the new generation of talents present their collections.

On this last Monday (March 12), Toronto Women’s fashion Week began and I had the honor and joy of being invited by Fesvedy to watch the fashion show of the brand and know its collection of autumn/winter 2018.
That was the first time I saw a fashion show and I couldn’t be happier to be in an event like this.

Fesvedy was founded in 2014 in Vancouver (Canada), by Georgian stylists, Kakha Beri and Marita who developed the autumn/winter 2018 collection, inspired by modern Canadian architecture and their evening lights and brought metallic clothes in gold colours, Silver, bronze and copper, mixing bright textures with chess present in prints and in detail of leather.

Image source: TWFW

In addition to the colors and textures, the collection also has pieces full of motion, with fringe, sleeve and wide leg that give an elegant and feminine effect.

Image source: TWFW

I am obsessed with metallic and I am always talking about clothes and metallic accessories here on the blog, so I need not say that I loved the proposal of the collection, which has everything I like.

Besides the fashion show, I could also see the backstage of Fesvedy with the models getting ready to enter and the attention of the whole team with the smallest details, from tidying up the hair until deciding whether the model goes to the catwalk with the hand in the pocket or not. It is clear the affection and cares with which everything is done so that those minutes on the catwalk are perfect.

It was an unforgettable experience and I was very happy and proud to see talented stylists and their teams dedicating themselves to taking the name of Canada and its multiculturality to the fashion market.

I with the stylists of Fesvedy, Marita and Kakha Beri.

I hope you guys have enjoyed getting to know a little more about fashion week in Toronto and the trends for next winter.

And tell me in the comments, what was your favorite piece of the Fesvedy collection.

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