Favorites of the month-October/2018

Who accompanies the blog knows that the posts of the month favorites are random and not monthly, this because I do not consume much and not everything I buy I like to share as a favorite, but so I can fill a list with favorites , I share with you on the blog and this month has a lot of beauty product:)
If by coincidence you missed some other months favorite, check here.

Translucent Powder

Ever since I bought this twisted Annabelle powder, I can’t stop using it. It gives a perfect finish in the concealer and disguises a little of the small lines of this region of the eyes. For those interested, I did a thorough review of this translucent powder and you can check this post.

I bought the translucent powder on Shoppers and paid CAD $9.95


It has been a while since the metallized lipstick is on high and several brands have been launching lipsticks with this effect. I think it’s beautiful, but I wanted to choose a color where the metalic effect would be more discreet, so I keep using regardless of whether tendency or not.
It was then that I found this lipstick from the Nyx, the matte metallic liquid line sued in brown color and fell in love. He has super Autumn face and the metallic effect half golden gave a special touch in color.
The color is called New era and in the packing the color looks like copper, but in the mouth it gets a darker brown.

I bought the lipstick on Shoppers and paid CAD $10.49

Revlon EYE SHADOW ColorStay 

A while ago I was seeking a golden shadow that had a natural lighted effect so that I could use it also by day. So I found this creamy shadow of Revlon from the ColorStay line in the 125 color that has a light and lighted gold. I loved the discreet effect she has and if I want to highlight it more, just pass a few more layers and the shade is perfect for a more elaborate makeup.

I bought the Combra on Shoppers and paid CAD $9.49


Recently I bought a brown pencil for the eyes of Annabelle brand and I really enjoyed the effect. It is a well pigmented and soft pencil, perfect for use in the watermark of eyes or as eyeliner.
The other end of the pencil has a rubberized brush to smoke and I love to use it to smoke the pencil at the root of the lower or upper Ciios.
In the photo below, you can see the pigmentation of the product and also a thin dash that I smoked with the eraser of the pencil.

I bought the pencil on Shoppers and paid: CAD $8.99


A while ago I was crazy to buy an aromatic diffuser for aromatherapy, but it was winding down for months and wasn’t sure if it actually worked. So, a friend of mine told me that in addition to persmoking the environment, the essences actually helped in her emotional state and I decided to buy.
Since I acquired the diffuser, I do not stop using and confess that my will is to have one in every environment of the house, for I live taking mine from one room to the other.
In the diffuser it is possible to add essences and thus make aromatherapy, where the ingredients of the essences help in our emotional state. For example, the essence of lavender helps to relax,
Another advantage, is that the diffusers that have varying lights allow you to do chromotherapy, which is a treatment that uses the colors to bring balance and harmony to the body and even cure some diseases. With this, each color exerts a different influence that you can use for a specific purpose.

These tips are from my friend and helped me a lot in the time to choose a diffuser:
1. Choose a diffuser that shuts off alone as soon as the water runs out
2. Give preference for a diffuser that allows you to select the color you want and not only the color option to automatically change.

This diffuser I bought at Winners and paid CAD $49.90 (I do not know the mark of it because I threw the box out and the product does not have the brand)

I hope you enjoyed this month’s favorites:)

Kisses and until the next post.

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