Favorites of the month: June/2018

And for this month’s favorites, I bring some beauty products and an accessory that I have used quite a lot. If you lost some favorite of the previous months, check it out here.

I have always shared on the blog about my skin care and the products I have used in my routine and another product I added was the tonic that serves to make a deeper cleaning on the skin leaving the pros free and ready to receive the HIDR, In addition, it returns the Ph of the skin, soothes and refreshes.

I have used the tonic of Neutrogena that has no alcohol in the formula and this is good for those who have normal or dry skin because it does not remove the natural oiliness of the skin.

I bought the tonic at Shoppers and paid CAD $11.99

The power by Maybelline has an average cover, so I’ve enjoyed using it when I’m too lazy to put on makeup, but I want to give the skin a little something, you know? So I’ve just passed him over the sunscreen and finish with a blush.
To use it over the base, I feel that it gives a beautiful finish.

I bought the powder from Maybelline at Shoppers and paid CAD $6.99

Belt bag are trends again but I did not see me using this accessory, however, after researching references to the post of how to use Fanny pack I saw myself in love by a model that was rectangular and structured. So I found this model and loved it! Since then I have used a lot, (who follows me on the Instagram (@mundodasil) knows I wear a lot this item) because it fits the essentials things.

I bought the fanny pack at Aliexpress and paid CAD $18.00

Silicone brush has divided opinions and some people love and others hate. I’m the kind who loved it (not say I loved it because in the corners it gives a little work), but among the advantages I see is that it does not absorb the product and applies everything on the skin, it is easy to clean, spreads well and has a good finish. Even on the finish, maybe I was lucky with this brand because this is one of the biggest complaints of those who do not like this product.
In addition to the makeup, I separated one of the brushes to use in the application of the facial mask, so there is also no waste of product and I can apply easily.

I bought the kit with the 3 brushes at Winners and paid CAD $12.00

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