Tulip Festival in Ottawa

This weekend began the Tulip Festival in Ottawa and as Sunday was also Mother’s Day, we decided to join the useful to the pleasant, since our family came to visit us, we enjoyed the festival to present my mother-in-law with a beautiful flowable ride and still Meet Ottawa, the capital of Canada.


During the Second World War, the Dutch royal family took refuge in Ottawa and in that period the third daughter of Princess Juliana was born in the city and so that it could be considered natural from Holland, Canada transformed part of the hospital into territory Dutch. And in 1945 Canada sent troops that contributed to the liberation of Holland against the Nazi regime.
Still in 1945, post-war, as a form of thanks Princess Juliana sent 100,000 tulips to Ottawa nd the following year sent 200,000. In thi way began the festival of Tulips in Ottawa, which annually are planted before winter and bloom in mid-May.


Ottawa is about 450Km from Toronto and the car journey takes about 4HS. We left home on Saturday at 5am and considering the stops we did on the way, we arrived in Ottawa 9:40am.
Arriving there, we went straight to take the tickets for a tour on the same day by Parliament, which are free, but have a limited amount per day.
Tickets are purchased in front of the Parliament and are distributed according to the availability of schedules.

With tickets at hand we start our tour of the Major’s Hill Park that are behind the famous Hotel Fairmont Château, where it was already possible to find some tulips.

Then we went towards Notre-Dame Cathedral and we were amazed at how beautiful this church is on the inside. I was very impressed with the richness of detail, with so much beauty, whimsy and beautiful colors in the same place. It was a wonderful moment and I do not need to say that it is mandatory stop for those visiting the city.

Opposite the church has the famous giant spider sculpture, which illustrates the entrance of the National Gallery of Canada Museum. It’s worth stopping to observe her details:)

From there we follow to the Nepean Point, a gazebo that offers a beautiful view of various sights of the city such as the Rideau Canal, the parliament, the Fairmont Château Hotel and the Alexandre Bridge.

We took a stroll around the city and chose a bridge to cross the Rideau Canal that had a view of Parliament. Looking at the canal you can’t believe that in the winter it freezes and people are skating on it.

In the middle of the afternoon, more precisely 3:20pm, we began our tour of the Parliament. As this is the place where the Prime Minister of Canada resides, security is greatly strengthened, all people are searched and undergo metal detectors. After these security steps, we joined a group of visitors who were accompanied by a guide, who in a humorous manner counted the routine of parliamentarians, how laws are approved in the country, as well as striking stories that have occurred in the building since its construction.

The tour is AMAZING and I strong recomend it. In addition to several information about the history of the country, the place is still too beautiful and each environment had a sigh of visitors.

As a good Harry Potter fan I couldn’t help but notice how the place sometimes reminded me of Hogwarts and I was even more delighted. No doubt it is a mandatory tour, because the place is magnific.

The next day, we went to meet Commissioners Park which have beautiful tulips scattered around the park and did not disappoint. The park had beautiful tulips of various colors and sizes, which yielded beautiful photos.

This year festival will go until May 22nd and it is worthwhile to program to meet you, even more this year in which more than 1 million tulips were planted in Ottawa to celebrate the 150 years of Canada.
Even a white and red tulip (colors of the flag of Canada) was created to honor the date.

And what did you think of the festival and its history? Tell Me in the comments.
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Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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