Goderich, Ontario – The most beautiful city in Canada

While I was researching some beaches that we could visit in the Summer, I found a town called Goderich that claimed to be the most beautiful city in Canada and after that promotion, of course, I was super curious to visit it, even more, because the city is close to Toronto, about 2:40min west of Ontario.
Goderich is known as the most beautiful city in Canada because Queen Elizabeth II who named it.


The region looked very beautiful, so we decided to stay a weekend there, however as we did not plan this trip in advance, we did not find any hotel or Airbnb that was pet friendly available in Goderich, so we stayed in a nearby town called Exeter which is about 40min drive from the center of Goderich. As the road was always free and the landscape is full of beautiful fields, nor did we notice the time pass and the distance seemed much smaller from one city to the other.

By Goderich being close to Toronto, one option is to do a day trip there on a sunny summer day and enjoy the city. No doubt we’ll try that on a next visit.


The center Goderich has a different format of octagon, where in the middle there is a square with the Palace of Justice and around are the shops.

Just as in most of the inland towns we visit here, the center of Goderich also has beautiful historic and well-tended buildings, plus colorful stores that give a charm to the place.


The center of Goderich is as cute as other Canadian cities, but I believe it was the beach that enchanted the Queen, because at least with me, that’s what impressed me most. When we arrived in the city and went towards the beach, I stayed open when I saw the color of the water, which looked very the color of the sea from the beaches of northeastern Brazil or the Caribbean.

In this region, the lake that makes the coast with the city is the Lake Huron which has a gradient blue color blending a turquoise with a dark blue in the background. After the lakes of the Canadian Rockies (which I detailed the trip in this post), no doubt, this is the most beautiful lake I have ever seen around here. In fact, he’s a lot like the rocky lakes.

The beach has a small strip of sand, but even with the warmth of 30C that made the beach was not too crowded, so I believe that this region does not usually get crowded.


The beach of Goderich is not pet-friendly, but along the coast going towards the beach of Grand Bend, you will find an area where the entrance of dogs is allowed. The area in question is at the following coordinates 43.336594 – 81.740983.

By having the most beautiful beach I have ever seen around here, I must agree with the Queen that Goderich is the most beautiful city in Canada and I strong recommend the visit.

Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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