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How do I use the planner and some tips

I’ve been very (but very), disorganized until life began to bring me people with tips that helped me organize my personal life, financial life, and professional life.
Over time I went on to be a rare case of an organized person with spikes of disorganization and then when I started the process of self-knowledge I realized that the external disorganization was also a reflection of the internal mess that I lived at the time (but this is subject to the Utro post).

Being completely organized became a goal (and challenge) for me, so I started to look for methods and tools that could help me in this, it was then that 2 years ago I discovered the planner and he has been an important ally to this my goal of being Organised and also focused.

The planner is good for who?

The first question you need to ask yourself before you buy a planner, is asking yourself: “How do you memorize things better?”.
For example, I’m very visual and I memorize things a lot more when I write and as much as I’m super adept at technology, I love a paper and pen. So the planner made a lot of sense to me.
If you are a more auditory person that works best with alerts on your mobile phone or prefer the practicality of having it all online, then I suggest you organize yourself using online tools like Google calendar or Trello.

The planner is nothing more than a schedule with different layouts options and what holds you in it is the pleasure to write and/or decorate each week. If that didn’t attract you, my suggestion is to look for another tool/method of organization that has more of your style.

How to choose a planner model

There are several planner layouts on the market and with anyone you manage to organize, the option between them is very personal and only after you start using is that you will realize what you like or dislike in the layout. For those who are starting, I suggest choosing a very simple and basic model. I, for example, I started with a simple template, which only has a double page of the month, a double page of the week (pictured below) and a sheet at the end of each month for annotations (which I almost never use).

And this year I bought again a simple model, which has the same pages, but with the days organized vertically. But like I said, the ideal model is very personal.

How to organize with planner

The first step is to define where or where you want the planner to help you. For example, my planner helps me to have a balance in my personal and professional life, with this, I put in it all the tasks I need to conclude to achieve my professional goals and also organize the days I have classes in the academy, activities, Tours, and trips that I want to do with my family during the month, quarter, semester, year. But you can use the Planner to organize your financial life, to organize your professional life, to organize your routine, etc.

After defining the area (or areas) you want to organize in your life, you start thinking about the goals you want to achieve in these areas.
For example, if you want to organize your financial life, you can have goals like having $5k to pay off your debts until June, save $10k until November.

If you want to organize your professional life, you can have goals like to win a new job until April, get 10 new customers until the month march.

If you want to have more time with your family, you can have goals like doing 5 activities per month or having  $12,000 to travel in December, etc.

Of course, nothing prevents you from including random tasks such as Doctor consultation, meeting with customer, etc… Because the Planner is an agenda and it’s important that you see what times you actually have available to focus on the tasks of your goals.

Create small tasks for your goals

On the Youtube channel “Me poupe” (It’s a Brazilian channel) I saw a video that Nathalia explained how we can accomplish our goals and the first step was to understand that for something to be a goal, it is necessary that it has a determined time to be performed and anso a number to be succeeded. For example, “travelling to Greece” is not a goal but a desire. However, “having 15000 reais to travel to Greece in 2021″ is a goal.

Taking the example aim to join $10k until the month November, for being a high value, I suggest you create mini goals to stimulate you, for example to save $1k per month (considering that from February until November there are 10 months) or if you have a variable salary and some months you can save more or less than that, then you can create a mini goal to join $3k per quarter. In the end you will have managed to join the $10k but by dividing the goal the number seems much more achievable.

Now it’s time to create the tasks that will be included in your routine, which is nothing more than the attitudes and actions you need to accomplish on a daily basis to reach your goal.

Still, in the same example of joining $10k until November, you can include in your planner what time you will make your lunchbox and/or snacks to eat during the day and with this avoid buying food or nonsense that you usually buy.
You can arrange what day you will separate, photograph and advertise to sell the items you have at home and do not use. If there is some kind of work you can do to increase your income, include in the planner the days you can perform these jobs. Anyway, the idea is you assemble the routine with the activities that go against your goal.

For those who want to organise professional life for example, you can have a goal and win a new job until the month of April or get a promotion until the month may or increase your company’s revenue by 10%, etc.
In these examples you can include tasks such as reviewing and arranging curriculum, researching and applying for vacancies, creating a development plan to list what you need to improve to be promoted, including actions that help you in attracting customers, at last … include and organize during the days the tasks you need to perform to reach your goal.

How often to write

The planner usually has a double page at the beginning of each month that contains spaces with all the days of the month and I love it because it is a way for me to organize and visualize the whole month and with this relocate some activities so that everything is done without excuses.
On the last Sunday of every month, I like to arrange the next month’s page, so I start to preview and prepare for the next month.

In addition to the page of the month, the weeks are also arranged in double pages, so you can also view the entire week.
I usually separate the Sunday to arrange the next week that starts the next day (Monday). So every Sunday I confirm the activities I have highlighted on the month page for that week and I will include in the corresponding days.

In summary, I write in the planner once a week and every day I open to check my tasks and what is being completed I signal and what I fail to do, I try to fit on another day of the same week or as soon as before, not to fail.

Decorating planner

The planner has become a hobby hobby for me and I love separating time from my Sunday to plan my week and enjoy to decorate it. Of course, decorating is just a detail, since its main function is to help you maintain the organization and focus of your goals and for that, you only need a pen or pencil to write in the planner.
But if you want to get into this universe of planner decorating, here are some tips on where to find materials to decorate.

I usually decorate the planner with stickers that I print for free arts (which are basic and follow the same pattern) that I find on Pinterest and saved on my board over there, check and follow me there.
The most elaborate stickers I meet at Michael’s and Ebay. The Adhesive tapes I buy on Aliexpress and Dollorama.

In addition to the adhesives and tapes, I also use watercolor ink, which I bought a case at Walmart.
For those who live in Brazil, you find all these materials in stationery stores, handicraft shops and also in online stores such as Elo7.

Planner’s advantages

With the planner I can visualize my routine, but the main gain for me was to know myself better, because the planner helps me to see that the thing I most postpone, is the gym and with this, I could see how I make excuses not to do exercises and since then, I have lit a siren in this order so I get more attentive to these commitments and ignore the excuses that I know that unconsciously I will try to give myself not to go to the gym.

With the planner, you’ll end up seeing exactly what point you block, whether you know it or if you’re desmotive with your goals, and if you know how to use that information wisely, you’ll understand that this is exactly the point that prevents you from accomplishing what you want and therefore,, you need to put all your energy at that point that you know is the most challenging for you to accomplish what you cringe.

The planner also helped me a lot to focus and see what distracted me and took much of my time, like the phone for example and so, I could get more on alert and dimunugo my time on mobile.

Before I lived saying that I had no time for anything, so when I went to organize my routine and keep focused on the tasks I proposed to do, I realized that what I lacked was not time, but rather organization and priority.

Where to buy a planner

As I mentioned there are a multitude of planner models, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones that have pages with more specific layouts. For those who have never used, I recommend starting with the basic model for you to go getting used to the routine of putting your goals and activities on paper, and then, after adapt is that you will find out what extra information you would like to have in your planner. I for example, I continue with the basic model and he has serviced me super well.

Stores in Canada

Winners  was where I bought my first planner and you always find them close to the box with an average price of CAD $16.00
Michael’s – I bought my second planner here, it is still a basic model, however with the days organized vertically. I paid CAD $35.00 (in a promotion that bought one and earned another)
Passion Planner – Offers different planner options-CAD $35.00

Extra Tip:

At first I did not know how to measure the activities with what I was able to produce in a certain time, with this I put in the planner who was going to do a thousand things in one day and in the end could only do 3 (even if I had spent the day completely focused on what needed to be FE I was frustrated.
So, write the tasks but go along with how long you can actually perform that task and so, the next time you stipulate it in a more realistic time.

Change is difficult and requires patience and love of oneself by yourself, so if so as I want to be more organized and also organize some area of life, focus on that goal and see errors and failures in the path as learning to improve the next day and not as frustrating to give up.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
And please when you start using a planner tag me on Instagram (@mundodasil)) because I want to see it.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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