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How to wear a fanny pack

Just as many fashionable things come and go, fanny pack is back as a trend, but still divides opinions. There are those who loved the new style that the item received from some brands, in a more structured format and there are also those who have not even in love with this item.

I’m part of a third party that they think is cool, but they do not know if it fits my style or my closet. So, I decided to research some models and looks to inspire me and in the end, I concluded that I’m already migrating to the team of those who want a fanny pack hahaha.
So to help those who are in doubt, I came to share these inspirations I found out there with tips on how to use a fanny pack.

Most of the purses we see today look more like mini bags than we used in the 90’s and I think this helped a lot so that this item could be included in more looks than before. yet a more modern and stylish.

For those who do not know which fanny pack to choose, I suggest one with less volume and a neutral color, especially black that is more discreet and matches everything.



As most of the current models of the fanny pack have straps that also serve as a belt, it is possible to use it exactly as a belt over the denim. Another style that I enjoyed a lot, was to wear over the blazer by marking the waist.
TIP: Note that in all posts references the chests are being used almost sideways. I think it’s worth the hint as it gets more charming.


Besides the pants, I found beautiful references to wear with skirts. I’ve separated different models of skirts so we have a sense that they look good with all of them 🙂 Again I selected small and discreet little models that give a delicate and charming touch to the look.


Lastly, after finding references to even fanny pack with a dress, I was convinced that this accessory can match quite a lot with the clothes that I already have in the closet. The cool thing is that even with dresses of light and fluffy fabrics the fanny pack is perfect! But see that this happened because the fanny pack chosen for these lighter compositions were small and structured.

And you, are part of which group: Those who likes, those who do not likes or those who have doubts?

Kisses and until the next post.

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