Making my lipstick at Bite Beauty

Of all the makeup products my passion is lipstick and I do not leave home without being at least with a lip balm.
So since I made this post on 10 Canadian brands of beauty products, I was tempted to test some products, but Bite Beauty, especially, got my attention even more by offering an experience I had never seen: You produce your own lipstick, in the color and finish you wish. Of course, that experience would be more expensive than buying a lipstick ready from the brand, but as I love lipstick, I thought it was worth having this experience.


First, you need to schedule a time on the Bite Beauty website among the options available in one of the brand’s stores, which are located in Toronto, New York, and San Francisco. The cool thing is that you can also schedule for a group (until 4 people) to make it together.
The customization of these lipsticks happens in the store of Bite Beauty, where there is a Lip Lab where you follow the whole process of production.

Only in the store will you choose what your lipstick will look like, according to the following options:

  1. CHOICE OF COLOR: They offer over 200 colors that can be mixed to create new colors
  2. CHOICE OF EFFECT: Creamy, Matte cream or Metallic
  3. CHOICE OF FLAVOR: Vanilla, Coconut, Cherry, Mango, Mint, Violet, WildBerry and Citrus.
  • VALUE: A custom lipstick costs CAD $ 55.00 + tax. With this, the final price was CAD $ 62.15

For my experience, I went with two colors in my mind (a brown with matte effect and a copper with metallic effect) to test and then decide between one of the colors. After describing the color, they begin to make the mixtures to arrive at the tone that we were imagining.

With each production of color, you test the product on your lips to see how it looks. This process is quick and you can repeat it by changing the color as many times as necessary until you reach the desired color.

* TIP: When doing the tests, I recommend seeing the lipstick in some natural light as well, because light also influences the perception of color.

Copper lipstick: test 1
Copper lipstick: test 2
Lipstick brown: test 1
Lipstick brown: Test 2











The copper lipstick did not come in the color I was imagining, so I discarded that option and followed with the brown one.
After 3 tries we arrived at the dark brown tone that I wanted, but the matte effect still had not left me satisfied, however, the employee who produced my lipstick told me that the matte effect would be added in the final product.
After the color was chosen the lipstick began to be produced, where the colors, the effect, and the essence are mixed. It is very cool to see this process, seeing the creamy liquid turn a lipstick into a bullet.

After it is necessary to wait for the product to dry, with that, I only went to test it again when I got home and to my surprise, the lipstick did not look matte. (it was exactly like the photo from the last test)
Days later, I returned to Bite Beauty and they explained to me that their matte effect is creamy and brightened, so the product would not be dry or totally matte. However, they kindly added a little more matte formula to the lipstick to make the product a little drier and below is the final result.

TIP: Effects (matte and metallic) should be added during color tests, so if you want the product to have a more matte or metallic effect of the lipstick you are testing, just ask to include more effect than they will still do the test.


I am always commenting on the blog how much I am fascinated by matte effect lipsticks, as they have a longer durability and I also like the opaque and dry effect in the mouth. The matte lipstick from Bite Beauty has a creamier, lighter and wet effect that is different from the type of matte lipstick I like.
The pigmentation of the Bite Beauty lipstick is great and it glides easily, however, I found the product does not dry and out easily. As I mentioned above, I have loved using matte lipstick because of the durability so in that issue the lipstick did not get my heart. However, it is worth considering that the brand lipsticks are made with totally natural products and by itself, this is already impressive.

TIP: Before customizing your lipstick I suggest first testing Bite Beauty’s lines at their store or Sephora, to see if the texture and lipstick finish (as this is very personal), then schedule the customizing.
If you are just visiting the cities that have the Bite Beauty stores, I suggest scheduling the mores for the end of the trip and then visiting a Sephora or Bite Beauty store in the early days for you to test the lipsticks.

I liked the experience, it was very cool to accompany the production of a lipstick that I created, but it is not something I would do again, because the lipstick does not match the style of lipstick I have like to use.

For those who liked the color, my lipstick has this mixture: 1/2 (603), 1/2 (605), matte effect and wildberry flavor

And you, did you enjoy this experience? Did you like the lipstick I created?

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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