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Mixing prints

We arrived in the last week of summer and soon the temperatures begin to fall through here and I have taken advantage of the days of warmth to wear as much as possible dresses and skirts.

In my look of the day, I’m sharing with you more a look option with midi midi skirt but in this proposal I wanted to try different prints.

This mix of prints was possible because both pieces (the skirt and the body) have neutral colors and therefore end up being discreet together.
Tip: As the prints of these pieces are in neutral colors, they could easily be combined with another more colorful piece of print, such as a floral print for example. It would be great!

The shoes even stamped, has earthy colors that do not weigh in the look and what ends up gaining more attention in the shoes is the golden detail and not the pattern of it.
Tip: For this same proposal of this outfit, you can also wear a no print shoes with neutral color or even a colorful shoe to be the highlight of this look.

Body: Zara | Skirt: C&A | Shoe: Charlotte russe |

Do you like it and want to wear the same outfit? So check bellow some similar products that I found:

I hope this look inspires you to do some similar combination with the pieces you have in the closet.

Did you like this look of the day?

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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