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Mom Jeans

My outfit of the day is an autumn vibe and is a very basic proposition with jeans and neutral clothes that don’t have mistakes.

The jeans that I chose is mom jeans, which is a trend, but only now I decided to buy to replace the high waist pants that I have and that was no longer in use conditions (so could you imagine how much I wore it ? hahaha).
High waist pants are a great trick to lengthen the legs and the model mom jeans besides having the high waist, also has no Lycra and even the pants being firmer is super comfortable. No doubt, mom jeans has become my favorite model of pants.

If you want to get inspired in this look but do not have this model of pants, just substitute for any basic jeans, which will match very well.

Another piece I’ve been researching since last year is the overcoat and I finally found a model that I loved. Surely it will be very useful during the autumn and spring in Canada.
And to break the black jacket with the black of the blouse, I put a scarf in a neutral color, because I wanted to leave the beret in evidence.

Finally, I wanted to give a touch of color and style and I wore a red beret. But if you don’t have a beret, a red toque or a black hat would also complete the look and give a very stylish touch.

Overcoatl: Zara | Mom Jeans: H&M | Boot: H&M | Beret: H&M | Sunglasses: Lacoste

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Did you like my outfit of the day?

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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