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My 5 versatile pieces for summer

The heat of summer has already settled in Toronto and since the middle of June every day has been hot, with this, I am taking full advantage to use the parts of this season that were stored in the closet.
I’ve commented here, that I love versatile pieces that allow me to assemble different looks with the same piece and so I have a dry but functional cupboard.

So I want to share with you, some options of looks with 5 versatile pieces for the summer.


With a single denim skirt, you can assemble proposals of very different looks, with blouses with more romantic cutouts, such as shoulder-to-shoulder or even with a basic piece like a T-shirt. The skirt also goes well with all kinds of footwear and you can enjoy the summer with sandals, heel sandal or tennis. Also, the jeans skirt goes well in the heat and even in the cold with boots over the knee or half, so I find the skirt a great item.

See some pieces that I found as inspiration:


In addition to the skirt, another piece that brings the same versatility is denim shorts and I particularly have loved these high waist models or the boyfriend models for being more comfortable and just as the skirts look good in more basic looks or in more elegant options with high heels.

⭐ See some pieces that I found as inspiration:


Dress has the face of spring/summer right? I think it is the most beautiful piece of the season, because the stamped and/or colorful convey joy and the different cuts can bring an air more girl or more woman, a touch stripped or more elegant, and all this with only one piece. So I think it’s cool to have three or four dresses with different styles that express separate messages.

⭐ See some pieces that I found as inspiration:


I love t-shirt and they are prevalent in my closet because they are more versatile blouse options, it looks good with skirt, trousers, shorts, jumpsuit, sandal, boot, sneakers… so it is by far my favorite piece and I think it is very worthwhile to invest both in options basic or graphic tee.

⭐ See some pieces that I found as inspiration:


For me, accessories make all the difference and necklaces and bracelets are able to turn any basic look, but just like in the winter where the caps and scarves transform the look, during the summer are the hats, caps, and headbands that give a special touch in their Production.
Tip: The shirt strapped to the waist, which is a way to use this fall/winter piece in the hottest seasons, giving a street style flair to your look.

⭐ See some pieces that I found as inspiration:

I hope these tips will help you set up different looks by exploring these key pieces, which you probably should already have some in the closet.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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