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My Fall Bucket List

In Canada the seasons are well defined and therefore very different, people usually organize their routine every season on account of the climate.
With this, I have learned to enjoy the year by quarter.
Organizing the routine and activities by season has helped us to enjoy what each one has better, besides giving us the feeling we are enjoying the year well.

Below, I’ve listed some things we want to do this Fall and I hope it inspires you.

1-Go at some peak

Being in contact with nature is always special, but on account of the coloring of the trees in autumn the outdoor rides become even more special, so this is one of the activities that we like to do most and to which I most recommend, especially if you make a trail that leads to some peak to have a landscape of the wooded area to see Autumn’s colors.
We have been at the Dundas Peak which is in Hamilton, about 1:30min from Toronto and it’s amazing!

2-Decorate a pumpkin

Decorated pumpkins are the face of Halloween, but since we moved to Toronto in 2016, we haven’t done it yet, so we want to do that this year.

3-Make my Halloween costume

Halloween is a remarkable date in the North American calendar and as in the “Afternoon session” movies people decorate their homes and buy sweets waiting for the children to the famous trick or treat.
Children usually come out in costume to ask for sweets and adults go to work or to go to some party.
Since we live in Toronto, we’ve been making our costumes and I already have in mind which one I will do this year.

4-Go on a Halloween party

We usually go to a street party that happens on October 31st on Church Street and it’s a good place to see many creative costumes.

5-Bike in a trail

Toronto and several towns around are filled with perfect trails to bike and enjoy a beautiful Autumn scenery. Check here some parks to bike in Toronto.

6-Outdoor activities

There are several outdoor activities to enjoy in Ontario at this time of year and below I list some for you to enjoy the contact with nature and of course, enjoy the colors of Autumn.

Have many activities such as hiking, treetop trekking and zipline.
Learn more here

The largest, longest and fastest zip line in Canada, plus several trails to enjoy nature. Learn more here.

7-Decorate the house for the autumn

Around here is a custom decorate the house with theme of the current season, especially in autumn and winter, but over the course of the almost 3 years we are here I had not yet managed to decorate the house for the autumn, but this year I decided to get some time to plan the purchases and decorate my home.
I loved the result and it’s been great waking up and have the Fall in my home.

8-Go to the Pumpkins Parade

On the 1st of November (a day after Halloween) happens the Pumpkins Parade in Toronto, where people carry their pumpkins decorated to exhibit in many parks of the city. We haven’t been to this event yet, but we want to go this year. Check out the complete list and location of where there will be Pumpkin Parades in Toronto.

Image source:

9-Go to the Oktoberfest Toronto

Annually happens the Octoberfest in Toronto, a world-renowned German festival, which takes place in several countries. In this festival, you have the opportunity to taste German cuisine and its famous beers to the sound of traditional music of the country. Even if we are not fond of beer, we want to go at least once to meet.

WHERE: Ontario Place
DATA: 26, 27.28 September
TICKET: Prices range from CAD $20 to CAD $650.
Learn more here.

Image source:

10 – Go to Nuit Blanche

This famous event takes place annually in Toronto, where the city becomes a huge art gallery. About 90 art projects are exhibited in galleries, malls and even in the streets.
The curious thing is that the exhibition begins the night and only ends 12hs later in the next morning.
As there is much to see and the arts are exposed in different regions of the city, is better to access the site and select the exhibitions you want to visit and organize a roadmap to save time. Check out the locations here.

DATE: October 5 of 7pm to 7am.

Image source:

11 – Visit a pumpkin patch

Decorating a pumpkin for Halloween is tradition around here, but in addition, people also like to visit some farm to choose the pumpkin (s) to be decorated by the family.
Because it is the pumpkin season, people enjoy making pies, soups, beverages and other recipes using pumpkin.
Last year, we visited Downey’s farm and in this post, I share our visit. I already advance that it is a very cool experience and I strong recommend.

12-Watch Hocus Pocus

In most fall lists people mention watching a horror movie with the family, but honestly, this is a genre of film that I do not short, but this idea reminded me of the movie “Hocus Pocus”, which I loved to watch in my childhood and I have not seen for many years.

13- Lay on the leaves

Just enjoy the Fall 🙂

14 – Go to the Halloween event at Casa Loma

During the Halloween season the most famous house in Toronto promotes a Halloween event, where the venue turns into a horror house filled with monsters, ghosts, zombies, etc. The idea is to frighten the guests into each environment, an experience very similar to haunted houses of amusement parks.

Image source: Casa Loma

WHERE: House Loma
DATA and TICKETS: from 27/09 to 16/10-CAD $40 online and CAD $45 at the door.
From 17/10 to 31/10-CAD $45 Online CAD $50 at door.
Learn more here.

15 – Go apple picking

In addition to the pumpkins, this is the season of harvest of apples around here and people also enjoy to visit some farm to collect some apples to take home.
This year we will do this for the first time and we are so excited.

16 – Visit a corn maze

In North America it is very common for owners to transform corn plantations into a huge labyrinth as attraction for visitors and the detail is that they usually create the mazes by projecting huge drawings. It’s pretty cool, right?

Image source:

WHERE: Coopers Farm
ADDRESS: 266 Ashworth Rd, Zephyr, ON L0E 1T0
DATE: Until October 31
TICKET: CAD $7.00/Person
Check more here.

17 – Make a thankful tree

Because of Thanksgiving, Canadians take advantage of this time to set up a mural of gratitude to the family and as gratitude is never too much, I loved the idea and I will do it at home.

18 – Make s’mores or fondue

You’ve probably seen some movie or show people around a campfire roasting marshmallows with a stick on a campfire, right? This is something very popular in North America and people do it to assemble the s’mores, which is an abbreviation for “some more” which consists of making a sandwich with 2 biscuits and stuffing it with the roasted (and hot) marshmallow over a piece of chocolate to melt it.
We bought a fondue set that also warms the marshmallow, check it here.

Image source:

19 – Camping in an Ontario park

Canadians love camping and could not be otherwise since the country is surrounded by nature and full of preserved parks that are the habitat of various animals.

We have not yet camped, by the mere fact that we are afraid of bears (they are cute but dangerous) and my husband having arachnophobia (fear of spider), so camping in a tent is something that is out of the question for us. However, it is also possible to camp in a motorhome, as we have done for the Canadian Rockies and it was amazing! (read the post here) So let’s see if we can camp the same way in the fall, however, in some park near Toronto.
Check out the list of Ontario parks and see how to book a camping area in the park.

20 – Take a train ride

This is a tour to do at any time of the year, but of course in autumn it is much more beautiful because of the coloration of the landscape. Last year we did a train ride accompanied by our dog and in this post, I shared all details about this tour.

21- Make a Thanksgiving meal

The Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated in North America and usually this date is marked by a great family Scaean, very similar to that of Christmas, including having the turkey as a main dish. As w
e are just the two of us around here and unfortunately we have no family living around here, we have never been excited to make a scaean for us, but this year, we will try to make a special lunch to get in the mood.

22 – Take many photos with the family

I love taking pictures of our tours to record and save the memories we are building.
In all seasons we usually photograph, but it’s amazing how in autumn the photos are incredibly beautiful without any effort, as the landscapes give a special touch. It’s beautiful and it’s worth taking advantage of this season to take beautiful pictures around.

23 – Leave the house with the perfume of autumn.

Here the people are passionate about candles, especially in Autumn and Winter, because in addition to bringing a cozy feeling they also leave a good smell in the house. But after buying candles from all the brands you can imagine, I came to the conclusion that essential oils leave a scent more striking than candles. So, this fall, instead of buying candles, I decided to buy essential oils with season scents such as apple, maple and pumpkin to use in my diffuser.
These oils you find at Winner, Walmart, Amazon and natural product stores.

24 – Eat an apple or pumpkin pie and enjoy some apple cider

As I commented above, people usually bake pies here, but even though I love cooking, I am not good to cook deserts so we’ll buy a mini pumpkin and apple pie and enjoy it as well.
Because it is the season of apples, people usually drink cider at this time and even having drunk in Brazil, I have never tried a Canadian cider so I will try it in this season.

25-Visit the Science Museum

In autumn the temperatures start to fall, so it is a good time to do indoor activities that we do not have much patience to do in the summer, because we want to enjoy the hot outdoor days. With this, we will take advantage of the museum of Science to see more information and prices on the official website

I hope the list inspires you to organize some activities to enjoy autumn, which for me is the most beautiful season.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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