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There are many beauty salons in Toronto, but as I have shared with you in the post of my beauty care in Canada I really like to do everything at home because it is a moment that I separate to be with me.
However, the only thing I can not do alone is to cut and dye my hair, so since September 2017 (ie 10 months ago) I do not touch the color of my hair and how I wanted long hair also I have not cut since.

Recently I posted on Instagram (@mundodasil) A compared to how my hair was in September/2017 and how it is now in July/2018 and even I was impressed by the color looks like the same.
So today I came to share my hair care routine.

All the products I mention in this post, are already known to you since I’ve talked about them in some favorites of the month I found it cool to gather all of them in a single post.


Before I moved to Canada, I read and heard many testimonials from people who live abroad commenting that the hair had changed a lot because of the climate and/or the water of the place and with that, the hairs were drier, bulky and/or with the root more oily.

So, as soon as I arrived in Toronto I started to have some hair care to try to minimize the impact on the wires and I think it has worked, since this 1 year and a half I am here, still did not feel any difference mo hair, except in the cold when I realize that he fic The smoother, less bulky and breaks easier. Also, in winter my scalp gets drier, coming to flaking and during a period I had a lot of hair loss, but the cause was emotional by the impact of change and the homesickness of the family.


My hair is normal and my root hardly gets oily, so I usually wash my hair a maximum twice a week, to try to keep the minimum natural oiliness, which just like on the skin, protects the scalp.
For a long time I used the shampoo and conditioner by Pantene and I love and super recommend, however, I think important from time to time change the shampoo and conditioner because the hair ends up getting used to the products and no longer have the same initial effect , so I went on to use the Shampoo and conditioner from Pierre’s Apothecary.


This stage is delicate because we know that the hot air damages the wires, so for me it is indispensable to make use of a thermal protector. I use the Tresemmé and I think it excellent! The product is light and you can sprinkle enough that it leaves no residue or that “greasy” effect, you know?.


To moisturize the hair, I use almost every day the Extraordinary oil of L’Oreal. The product yields a lot, usually two “pumps” are enough for me to spread in the hair (especially on the tips).

The Extraordinary Oil leaves the hair soft, shiny and fragrant, besides having a mild texture that dries fast and does not leave oily hair.
This product is also the secret of the color of my hair to have remained pretty much the same in the last 10 months.
Keeping the color is not the product’s function, but that’s what it’s also done in my hair. It’s amazing how there are days when I see that the hair tips faded and when I pass the oil the color returns to normal.
See below for a colour of my hair color in September/2017 and July/2018. For me, the color is pretty much the same.

This extraordinary oil from L’Oreal, I bought in Brazil and it is also available in Canada in another package.

Warning: I find it important to highlight that my hair is a blonde in a caramel tone and I do not know if the product manages to keep the color in other shades of blond or in other colors. If by chance you use this product and have another hair color, be sure to share in the comments if you noticed that it helped or not to keep the color of your hair.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, my hair leather greatly resected the went to flaking (mostly in winter) and even intensifying hydration and decreasing the hot baths there was no improvement. The only product that drastically decreased the flaking was the thermal water, which I have used almost daily at the points where the scalp has resected more.
I use this thermal water from Avène and did a review on the product in this post.


Fortnightly I do a deeper hydration with some coconut oil and for me, it is the best because it makes the hair very wais.
I spread coconut oil on dry hair and leave for at least 2:00. Then I wash my hair normally with shampoo and conditioner.
Coconut oil you easily find in the supermarket or natural products stores. I have no brand preference and end up using either.

As you can see, I don’t do anything extraordinary in my hair. I keep only the basic care, with affordable products, which for me has excellent quality.
My suggestion is you test products and routines until you find your perfect combination, between products, amount of washing and frequency of use of them.

I hope these tips help you or that some of these products also fit your routine:)

Enjoy and tell me if you already use any of these products?

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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