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My personalized unique wooden watch

JORD is a brand of hand-made wooden watches and they invite me to know their work and then they sent me a watch from their line, so I share with you my opinion about the product.

The watch that I chose was the Olive and Aegean Blue from the Cassia line and I loved this model because it mixes the classic style with the modern one, starting with the vintage touch of the clock in a rounded format with Roman numerals that is perfectly matched with a super modern sparkling background and has a gorgeous effect in the light.

The bracelet is another enchanting part, as it is made of wood with metallic details that make the watch very elegant.


Just to see the collection of wooden watches from JORD on the website I was already delighted, but what won, even more, my heart was the buying process, as you can customize your wooden watch, which will make the watch unique.

When choosing a watch on the website, you will select the size of your wrist. The cool thing is on the website there is a ruler for you to print and measure on your wrist, with that, the watch will arrive in your perfect size and ready to use. Awesome, right?!

Another differential is that you can engrave your watch with a personalized message, for example, with your name, a phrase that is memorable to you or even a statement to someone that you want to gift the wooden watch. Can you imagine how cool it is to receive a gift like it? I chose to engrave a phrase that has made a lot of sense to me and would combine perfectly with my wooden watch: “Be present” and another detail is you who chooses the style of the letters.

Besides the watch, you can also engrave a personalized message in the box and I thought it so incredible because it is a beautiful way to give someone a unique that was thought since the packaging.

The watch box is all wooden and beyond the space to store the watch, there is a small drawer where you can save the brush and cleaning cloth that came with the wooden watch.

To see more about customization, click here.


On the site, there are several women’s and male watches. I have separated my favorites to share with you:

JORD Women’s Watches








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JORD Men’s Watches








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The watches are shipped from the USA and the shipment is free for the whole World and the only amount that can be charged are the customs fees when the product arrives in the mail of the destination country.

After ordering on the site, a confirmation email is sent with the UPS tracking number and you can follow all steps of your watch until arrive in your home.

In addition to all these advantages, it is worth remembering that wooden watches, besides being very stylish, are sustainable. I loved my JORD’s watch and all the care with the customization details that make the watch unique.

Wooden Wrist Watch

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