Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls, and Outlet

With my mother coming to Toronto, we could not help taking her to see Niagara Falls, so enjoying the trip, to include a visit at the Outlet Collection in Niagara and a stretch in the city of Niagara on the lake, which we have not yet known.

Outlet Collection at Niagara

For this trip, we rented a car and our first stop was at Outlet Collection in Niagara and this was our second visit there, (the first was in February 2015) but this time we did not think that no discount was advantageous, because the shops were offering the Same products with the same discounts already offered in their stores at the mall. So it was kind of disappointing.

Niagara on the lake

From there we proceed to Niagara on the lake, a city that is next to the Outlet. I was super enchanted because the city is very charming, full of cute buildings, colorful and full of details. It’s like a movie scene.

The city is very small and the center of it is on Main Street, Queen Street, which is where there are several restaurants and the main hotels in the city. We had lunch there and we walked a little to explore the place and we loved. We will surely return to this gracious city.

Also went the Cows, an ice cream parlor that says it has the best ice cream in Canada. More attention than that impossible, right?
In addition to producing the ice cream, what I found curious is that they make the ice cream cones too and in the line you can follow the whole process.


I tasted the Oreo ice cream and actually, I didn’t think it was the best ice cream in Canada 🙁
The cone was a delight, but the ice cream at the beginning seemed only “OK”, but tasting better until I found it half-tasteless and my mother’s that was a sorbet (milkless ice cream) of strawberry had less flavor yet. Anyway, it didn’t win my heart.


From there we went to Niagara Falls, which we have been several times, (even told about one of those trips there, in this post) but every visit we found something that we had not seen and because of the change of seasons the landscape gets very different colors in the sky, in the water, and in the vegetation. It’s amazing!
I really love and do not tire of going in this place, which has a wonderful energy and this contact with nature in such a strong and brutal way is wonderful.

For this trip, I recorded a vlog sharing some of that day with you. Press Play to check.

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