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Personalized children’s book

Last Christmas I was with my family in Brazil and among the gifts, I chose to take, one of them I found so incredible that I decided to come here and share the hint with you.
The present in question was a personalized children’s book, where the child who will be gifted is the main character of the story. Is it amazing, right?

This tip I had seen in a blog and then, I decided to order a book for one of my nieces who would enter the school this year and I simply loved the book as well as the attendance of them that was super awesome.

The book is from Timtimtom and besides being available in several languages, they personalize the story by inserting the physical characteristics of the child as hair, eyes and skin tone to illustrate the main character that will still have the same name of the child.

Another super advantage is that you can choose up to 2 languages in which the story will be told in the book. As my niece loves English, I decided to personalize the book in Portuguese and English, with this, the same text is write in both languages, but each one on a page. See it below:

Customizing the Book

The customization is all done by Timtimtom’s website, where you start by choosing which of the 3 available stories you want to customize the book. Which are:
Ballet theme with title: [Kid’s name] dances Swan Lake”
Football theme with title: “[kid’s name] save the game
Sea theme with title: “[Kid’s name] and the dolphin”

When deciding the story you select the same on the site, choosing whether you want the book to have 1 or 2 languages. On the next page, you will be presented as are the pages and illustrations of the book, if you like the story just click “Create your book” to begin the customization.
In this step, you will select which language (s) you want in the book, the name of the child you want to insert into the book, and also define what the child’s physical characteristics are, which will be the same as the main character. In this same step you can also include a dedicatory message that will be inserted on the first page of the book.

Worldwide Delivery with free shipping

Can you believe you could gift a child anywhere in the world? Undoubtedly, worldwide delivery is one of the advantages of this company that still offers free shipping to anywhere.
The book has the value of U $38.99 and the payment is made by credit card.

After making the payment the company kept in touch with me by email all the time, updating me on the shipping, including after the purchase warned me that on account of the Christmas season it was possible that the book would take more than 30 days to arrive in Canada , with this, I asked to change the delivery address to Brazil, not to run the risk of the book arrive after I have already boarded there and then the change of delivery address was made by them. After th
e shipment, the book arrived in 3 weeks in Brazil, well packed and in perfect condition.

My niece is 3 years old and even without knowing how to read yet, she was delighted when she saw herself inside the book and even today, months after she won the gift, she still asks to show her book to everyone and in every page, she keeps pointing where she is in the book.

Without a doubt, it was an amazing and singular gift that she could keep forever. So even the value of the book being “expensive” when converted the dollar but I think it is a gift that is worth the unique experience it provides for the child.

I hope you enjoyed that tip, because my niece’s face says that she’s in love with her book.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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