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Pink Tricot

The beginning of Spring in Canada is usually cold, so even if we do not wear the super snow coats, we still need to get dressed. During this period the clothes are usually basically the same ones we use in the Autumn, so it is during this period that we can abandon the snow boots and then get the leather boots.

In other Look of the day, I shared with you how I have loved to assemble layered pieces and I continue to explore this, as I think it’s a cool way to get off the basic outfit by mixing different colors, lengths, and textures.

In today’s proposal, I put the layers together with a long t-shirt, which is a model I love, but you could replace it with a shirt like I’ve done in other looks. On top of that, I added a colored tricot and a leather jacket.

The special touch is on the boot with a beautiful floral embroidery. For those who are afraid of risking more “daring” shoes, the tip is to combine them with more neutral pieces in prints and textures, which have no mistake. This way the shoe becomes the icing on the cake and turns the basic look into something more stylish.

To finish I combined with a white round bag, which because of the format has a romantic style and the tie reinforced it even more.
What I liked about this bag is that the ribbon bow is removable, so I already bought thinking of going changing the colors of the ribbon bow to match it even more with my closet 🙂

T-Shirt: Urban Planet | Tricot: H&M | Leather Jacket: Black Rivet | Denim: Winners | Boot: Zara | Bag: London Fog

💚 Do you like it and want to put on a similar look? So, check out below some similar products that I found:

And you, how do you like today’s #LooksDaSil? Tell me in the comments 🙂

I hope this look inspires you to play in the layers and transform your basic looks.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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