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Places in Toronto reminiscent of Harry Potter

As I’m in love with Harry Potter, I’m interested in everything related to the theme and here in the blog I’ve already shared with you, our trip to Orlando and to the parks of Universal, besides my visit to a Harry Potter themed bar and also showed my collection of funkos from the movie characters.

But beyond these experiences, Toronto has other places that resemble the Harry Potter movies and are the ones I’m going to share with you today:


University of Toronto (UofT) is one of the places that bring a great reference to the movies since the interior of the buildings much looks like the interior of Hogwarts. On our first visit in Toronto in 2015, we went to have breakfast inside the University and the hall where meals are served have long tables as well as in the great hall of Hogwarts.


The Emmanuel college library is a beautiful library that is part of Victoria University. It’s amazing how the architecture, the huge windows and the layout of the place looks like the Hogwarts library.


The herbology class at Hogwarts was dedicated to herbal studies and so it was spent in a greenhouse filled with plants to be studied by the students. Here in Toronto, a place that as soon as I stepped teleported me to these scenes of the film, it was the Allan Gardens summit that is full of different floors from floor to ceiling, very similar to the one in the movie.


The Honeydukes is a candy shop in Hogsmeade. It is super colorful and full of sweet treats and here in Toronto, it’s not hard to find places to remember this quirky store. One of them is Dylan’s Candy, which sits on Toronto’s international airstrip and is eye-pleasing, both in decor and in the variety of sweets.


It sounds like a lie, but it’s not. There is a Quidditch team in Toronto that even participates in official matches with teams from around the world.
I could hardly believe it when I discovered this and I was soon venturing to play a game of Quidditch and I told all this experience in this post.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting these places with me 🙂

And you, do you know anything else that I did not list? Tell me in the comments that I’m going to love to know.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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