This weekend we went to see Point Pelee, which is the southernmost part of Canadian territory. 

 Point Pelee is in the county of Leamington, in Essex County, about 4 hours from Toronto, that is, it is not so close and as we did a round trip, the tour ended up being very busy, because there are several trails to walk or cycling and it is also possible to go canoeing, in addition to enjoying the beach that surrounds the park.

 It is one of the smallest parks in the country, with about 15km2, so it is possible to get around by bike, where a rental service is offered in the park and for those who like to walk, it is also possible to get around on foot on the trails. In addition, there is a free shuttle bus that runs from one end of the park to the other.
We took the opportunity to take our bikes and it was great because the road was flat and still had the beauty of the trees around it that formed an arc all the way. The place is beautiful!

 Being in the south of the country, there are no bears in this park, which for me is a relief, as I confess that animals are one of my fears for camping. However, because it is a warmer and humid region, there are snakes in the park (we cannot have everything in life, right? LoL)
Anyway, I think it is worth trying to spend a weekend camping in this park, as there are many activities and the place is beautiful.

  About 70% of the park is made up of swamp and it is in this region that you can go canoeing, either by renting a canoe or taking your own.
In this area, there is one of the most popular spots in the park, the marsh boardwalk, where a walkway has been built for you to walk over a part of the swamp.
Upon arrival, you will find an observation platform, where you can climb up to have a view of the vegetation, which in the Autumn was so beautiful.

 The place is beautiful and you can get incredible photos. So be sure to include this place in your tour.

 During my research, I discovered that the second Saturday in October is known as the World Migration Day for birds, where they fly from the North to the South of the planet fleeing the cold.
The curious thing is that this movement happens in fact all over the planet and even in South America, the birds end up migrating from one point to another within the continent during this period.
In Canada, monarch butterflies (which also go south) and birds, coming from all over the country, migrate towards Mexico, and the interesting thing is that Point Pelee is the last stop for birds and butterflies in Canada before they travel to Mexico.
The park is home to about 390 species of birds and for this reason, the place is considered one of the most important bird-watching spots in North America.

With that, we planned to visit Point Pelee on World Migration Day to follow this phenomenon and already on the road we saw several flocks of birds flying together and in the park, we also found several butterflies that appeared on all sides. It was beautiful and I was impressed!  

  In the Spring, the opposite movement also occurs, when birds fly from the South to the North. With that, in May Point Pelee ends up being the point of arrival of birds in the country.


The entrance to the park costs CAD $ 7.80 per person, but there are special prices for families. Check it out here.
And for those who want to camp, it is necessary to reserve a place well in advance, especially in the summer.

We loved Point Pelee and we want to come back soon to enjoy the place more.
Even if you have no intention of camping, I recommend doing a round trip to this park, as it is beautiful and worth the walk.

Xoxo and see you in the next post





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