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Useful products for small dogs

When we move to Canada, the routine and the habits of the Tadeu have changed a lot. He, for example, ceased to be an apartment dog to become a much more active dog that runs loose in the parks and who loves to ride a bike. As we do not have a car yet, we walk with Tadeu in public transport and try to include it on all possible tours, so we have acquired some products that help us to load it and whenever I put these products on my Instagram (@mundodasil), the People ask where I bought it, so I decided to share some useful products that brought convenience to our furry son.

BIKE Basket

As soon as we bought our bikes, we started looking for a basket that was comfortable and suitable for carrying dogs, since most of the baskets we saw were iron railings and his paws would go through the bars. It was then, we found a perfect basket, which in addition to having the finish closed, had a plush lining inside, a clip to hold on the guide (which in case of breaking holds the dog) and even a cover to protect it from the sun. Besides all these benefits, the basket is beautiful:D
Tadeu loved and easily adapted to the basket, after all he stays in the shadows, just enjoying the view. Is there any way to be better?

The basket I bought at Amazon and super recommend. Check here.
Caution: It is important to choose a basket model that supports the weight of the dog, so always check the dimensions and information of the product.


The TADEU has a carrying bag that we use to bring him on the plane and on the winter days we use to take him somewhere (like at the vet or in the House of Friends) and so we keep him protected from the cold.
However, on hot days when we needed to go in the same places, the bag is warm inside and because of that Tadeu does not feel comfortable, and as he is small, we could not always walk with him on the ground, because he is frightened in busy places.
So I ended up finding a backpack for the dog, whose fabric allowing the entrance of air, the dog gets the head out and the main, the backpack accommodates the dog sitting, because it is super important to choose a backpack in which the dog stay in one of its natural positions.
As Tadeu was already super accustomed to the carrying bag, he had no difficulty to adapt with the backpack.

The backpack has a cross handle and also another that holds on the waist and inside there is a pressilha to fasten on the leash. I find the quality of the backpack very good and comfortable to carry. You find this model on Amazon, check here.


Tadeu sleeps with us in bed, yet our bed has a reasonable height for his size, so every time he jumped out of bed I was apprehensive about him getting hurt. That’s when we bought a dog steps to make his life easier.
As soon as we set up the ladder he became suspicious, but we started encouraging him to go up and down in exchange for a snack and the same day he already understood what the ladder was for.
Without a doubt, the ladder gave him a lot of freedom to go up and down in bed whenever he wants without waiting for anyone to take him in his lap.

The steps I bought at Amazon and its quality is very good. Check here.

I hope you enjoyed the tips and that they help to include your dog in a comfortable way on the rides:)

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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