Racing on the Mario Kart track in Niagara

A go-kart track opens in June in Niagara City, beside to the waterfalls and along the attractions of Clifton Hill.
The track is called Niagara Speedway and its path has 40-foot elevated, followed by a rippled downhill from the same height that gave it the largest elevated kart track in the North American title and also the first of its kind in Canada.

For its track to have climbs it was popularly known as the “Mario Kart” track, but as there is no partnership with Nintendo, you will not find bananas, turtle hooves, stars or any mention of the most famous character of video games (unfortunately).


Tickets are only sold on the spot, and every 5 minutes of racing the value are CAD $12.00 per person.
The minimum height for drivers is 58″ and children from 40″ height can go on the passenger seat, the value of the passenger is CAD $4.00
As kart racing is an attraction that is usually expensive, I found that the price is equivalent to other places.

We bought a five-minute race and took four full turns on the track. I found that time was enough for us to have fun because the track is small and the trolleys have a speed limit of 20 miles per hour and at some points of the track the speed is programmed to be reduced automatically, then the race is slow and you have no control of the acceleration all the time.

That was my first kart racing experience and I loved it so much that I am already excited to run again on a track with the longer path.

I liked the track of the “Mario Kart” in Niagara and thought it worth running at least once to know, even more, because it is not common to find Kart tracks that have some elevation, right?!

Because it is outdoors, the track does not work during the cold months, so besides being closed in winter, it is important to check on the site the dates of the end of autumn and beginning of spring, because in those periods is cold and the risk of the place is closed. Check here the schedule.

Have you ever run a go-Kart?

I hope you enjoyed getting to know this attraction with me, which is so close to Toronto and worth a visit.

Kisses and until the next post.

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