Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

Autumn the best rides are in wooded places, because we can see the changing colors of the trees with a beautiful coloration in yellow, orange and red.
Since we moved to Toronto (in 2016) we had not yet managed to enjoy the autumn, because we arrived here in the middle of the season and the first months we were focused on settling and solving the bureaucratic things and last year, I received my mother’s visit and even enjoying a lot with her, we end up doing more touristic tours around the city, like visiting the aquarium, CN Tower, etc. Since it was her first time in Toronto.

So, that year we decided to do some tours outside of Toronto, some of them I’ve already shared here on the blog, like visiting a pumpkin farm and the train ride.
In the last month, we take advantage of the Ranney Gorge suspension Bridge, a suspension bridge located in the Ferris Park in the town of Campbellford in Ontario.

The park is just east of the province, about 3hs from Toronto.
Ferris Park isn’t very big, but some people even camp out and spend the weekend there. On the park website, you can see all the information about the campsite.

Price: The entrance in the park has the value of CAD $11.25 per car. But it is always good to confirm on website the updated value.
It is also important to check the days when the park will be open, as it usually closes in the middle of October and reopen only in May. Learn more here.

There are some trails in the park and undoubtedly autumn is the most beautiful season to walk there, as there are trees on all sides, which makes the ride even more beautiful!

The suspension bridge is not very extensive has 91m from one side to the other, but it does not swing. Which is great!

With the power of the water running down it gives even a little vertigo on account of the height, but the view is beautiful and worthwhile.

For those who cheer, it is also possible to make a trail underneath, walking alongside the river Trent. In addition to the trails it is possible to make canoeing and boat rides at some points of the river and ride a bike in the park. Check out the activities here.

Besides the park, what drew us attention was the city of Campbellford, which seems to lie so charming and quiet. We took a few laps around the city by car and stopped to admire the Ducks on the river Trent.

I hope you enjoyed the ride and if you have not visited the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge. I strong recommend, especially in Autumn.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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