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Virtual Reality of Star Wars in Toronto

Besides Harry Potter, another passion I have is Star Wars and so when we learned that a location in the city would offer a virtual reality experience with Star Wars, we went crazy to meet.

This VR (virtual reality) experience takes place in The Rec Room, where a group of a maximum of 4 people who wear a backpack and a helmet that allows them to visualize and interact with an ultra-realistic virtual scenery, touching objects of history and even feeling the Temperature change of the scenarios. In addition, there are microphone and headphones on the helmets that are connected to each other, so throughout the experience, you can also chat with the other members of the group.

In the history of the virtual reality of Star Wars, the group infiltrates the base of the Empire dressed as Stormtrooper. Can You believe you’re a Stormtrooper?… Ahhhh that is so incredible!!!
The mission is to recover a piece called vital intelligence and to ensure its safety throughout the experience you will win your own laser gun… And a lot of shooting with the sound of “pew-pew-Pew” will roll over there. IT’S AWESOME!

Check out the trailer below:

The place where I had the best experiences with virtual reality until today were at Disney and Universal that has unbelievable attractions and I tell you that this experience of virtual reality in the Rec Room, made me feel like I was in Disney itself. This made sense when I found out that this same VR is available at Disney Springs, which is a Disney entertainment area in Orlando.
The experience was impeccable and very real, I looked at myself and saw myself wearing the Stormtrooper outfit, I felt and listened to all the actions and movements of the scenarios in a very real way. It was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again.

If you are not a fan of Star Wars, you can have the virtual reality experience with 3 other stories that are available there, being them:
– Ghostbuster
– Ralph Breaks (a Disney animated film)
– Nicodemus (a horror theme)
See more on the official website.

You can buy tickets on time or through the website.
We bought on site, but if you are in a large group, I suggest buying by the site to ensure sequential schedules.
The virtual reality experience has the value of CAD $34.95 per person.

In addition to VR, the Rec Room offers ample entertainment options, with various games such as video games, prize capture (e.g. Pelucias), race simulators, among others.
To play you simply exchange a cash amount for credits, which will be inserted into a bracelet and then you will use them on the machines you want.
When we were there, we exchanged CAD $35.00 in credits (which gave the right to a more resilient fabric bracelet that could be reutilized other times) and this gave us the right to 210 credits that would be used between me and my husband, but I confess that we took too To spend everything, so if you are in town to ride, I suggest exchanging a lower value on credit that will be more than enough for two people.
Over there, we played everything and the highlight games were Mario Kart (which is a super disputed) and a very realistic racing simulator that tests your skills as a rider running at high speed, plus other so many cool games.

Address of the Rec Room:
255 Bremner Blvd. Toronto, ON
Basically It is located opposite the CN Tower and next to the Steam Whistle Brewery, which even I have already done a tour over there and counted here.

In addition to Toronto, this Star Wars virtual reality experience is also available in Edmonton/AB in Canada and several U.S. cities. Check out all the addresses here.

I hope you enjoyed knowing more about this place in Toronto and if you visit it, don’t forget to come and comment here what you found.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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