Relaxing in Prince Edward County.

On August 5 It was a holiday in Canada, but the date had distinct celebrations in some provinces.
In Ontario for example, it is celebrated the Civic Holiday (Civil holiday) in British Columbia is celebrated British Columbia Day.

As the holiday would be on a Monday, we decided to take a trip to a nearby location that was near some lake, because we wanted to stay in a house with a view to relax and do nothing LoL. We started researching locations in Ontario and then we found Prince Edward County and fell in love with the region.
Prince Edward County is an island that is about 2:45hs from Toronto. The region is known for the sand Dunes Beach, the various wineries and the tasty food of the restaurants.

We rented a car and left Toronto on Saturday morning and arrived at the house near lunch. Shortly after time changed and ended up raining a lot. With this, we enjoy to enjoy the day in the house that had a beautiful view.


On Sunday, the day dawned warm and sunny, so we enjoyed to go to the beach early in the morning, but before we went to meet Sandbanks, which are the famous sand dunes.
Getting there, I was surprised by the sand so white and thin. The sensation was to be in the northeast of Brazil, stepping on the warm sand on a day of warmth. A delight!
We love Sandbanks, and if you’re around the region it’s worth the visit.

The Sandbanks are on a beach, however as the strip of sand is steep (since they are dunes) did not seem very comfortable to take the Sun, so we ended up going there just to know the dunes and spend the day on another beach.

From there we went to Outlet beach that has the flat terrain and was very close (about 10min), but as we drove along the main road we came across all the accesses to the Outlet beach closed by the police, so we realized that the beach was crowded and by This, the entry was no longer being allowed.
Although not knowing the Outlet beach, I recommend to include it in your script, because the water with variations of shades of blue looks beautiful. However, because it is best known, this beach is very visited by tourists, so the tip is to go very early to ensure a place.

Image source: Wikipedia

On the way back, we thought we’d return to the Dunes Beach, Sandbank Beach, but in the meantime, access to it was also closed. With this, we end up going to the center of Picton (which sits in the middle of Prince Edwards County) to meet a tasty olive oil shop.

Kingston Olive Oil

I’m crazy about olive oil and when I saw this store I included it in the itinerary.

Kingston Olive Oil sells several favors of oils and balsamic vinegar with the most diverse ingredients.
Over there, we saw butter oil, lemon, orange, mushroom, pepper, rosemary, and herbal combinations that brought a unique flavor. See more flavors here and here.

But the most exotic flavors are in balsamic vinegar, ranging from espresso, bitter chocolate, vanilla and even mango. Check out other flavors here and here.

In the store, you can taste both the oils and the vinegar before you choose which one you want to buy and I confess that we love almost all that we prove. With that, we end up buying some of the gifts for the family. Bes
ides the flavor, their olive oil has a wonderful texture. Undoubtedly it is a delicious product and excellent quality.

The Kingston Olive Oil Store is located on 185 Main Street in Picton/Ontario. Bu
t there is also a store in Kingston and Mississauga. Check out the addresses here.


Our next stop of the day was at a artisan cheese shop, Fifth Artisan Cheese, about 20 minutes from Picton. The shop produces artisan cheeses and also sells cheeses imported from various places in the world.

I confess that I found that the store would have a larger variety of cheeses, but on the day we visited there were not many exposed, however, all that were available for tasting were wonderful. So it’s worth the visit.

In addition to the cheeses, the store also has several artisan products, such as sauces, jellies, pâes and spices.

The Fifth Artisan Cheese has a super cool outdoor area, where you can set up a sandwich with cold cuts inside the store and they heat up in a kiosk arranged on the outside for you to eat the hot sandwich right there.

After these tours, we returned home and went to enjoy the sunset, drinking a Canadian wine and eating the cheeses we bought on Fifth.

We returned to Toronto the second after lunch and even without exploring the wineries and the local cuisine, we love the region of Prince Edward County, which is very beautiful and charming.
We went away with the feeling of want more and in the certainty that soon we will return to enjoy the region more.

I hope very much that you have enjoyed meeting a little more of Prince Edward County and that you include this beautiful destination on your list, because it is very worthwhile.

Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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