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Review – Avène Thermal Water

Since I have acquired the habit of taking care of the skin and hair I have loved discovering products that can assist in the health and appearance of my body. And as I always talk to you, these care go beyond the external, because it is a moment of affection and love that I have with me that ends up helping me internally also and that I always recommend.

As I have given a lot of attention to my face, I have tested some products and today I came to share with you one that I loved and adhered to in my routine of care, the thermal water of Avène.

But before detailing about the product I’ve acquired, I want to talk about the benefits that a thermal water brings to the skin.

The benefits of thermal water

The thermal water comes from sources whose water passes through subtarrâneas rocks and therefore is enriched with sodium, magnesium, zinc, boron, and manganese. Unlike the water we ingest, the thermal water has more minerals and a pH more neutral and alkaline which brings various benefits, such as soothing and refreshing the skin in dry climates or during practice exercises, it also serves to alleviate the nuisance of burns Solar, decrease the sensation of irritation and itching on the skin, in addition to the skin in the Pós-depilação.
The product is suitable for all types of skin, being adult or child.

The thermal water of the AVÈNE

The product says soothe and soften appeal, being ideal for red, sensitive or irritated skins, besides being recommended to freshen up after the workout or to fix makeup and for me, it fulfills everything that promises.
My skin is normal and I really feel that it refreshes and soothes, especially if the skin is with some irritation, caused by the sun, for example, relief is immediate. It’s a delight to use!
Also, by using it daily, I noticed that it gave a soft touch and mild hydration on my skin, which at this time of winter is well parched and the water has helped in hydration.

Using in day-by-day

I do not have a right time to use it, I have it always hand and when I feel the dry skin during the day I spray it on my face, which is quickly absorbed by my skin leaving a very tasty feeling.

Using to fix the makeup

The product sneezes the product in a destribuída way so that it does not leave marks or smudge the makeup. As promised it actually helps to fix the makeup for longer on the skin.


To test I bought the small packing of 50ml and it lasted about a month and a half considering that I used the product almost every day at least once.
The thermal water of the Avène is one of the cheapest I found around here, I paid about 8 dollars and I found the cost excellent because the benefits are good. In addition to the yield, the product delivers everything that promises.

After using the product to the end, I came to share this review with you guys and say that before acquiring I found the thermal water an unnecessary product, but after using I realized how it makes a difference, especially when the skin is irritated or dry.
Another interesting advantage is that the small packaging gives to carry in the bag to refresh the skin in a practical way and anywhere, for example, in traffic.

For those who usually have redness in the skin or have sensitivity/irritation with ease, I suppose the product is even better because even this is not my case, I had a little irritation caused by the cold and I felt that it helped a lot to improve and alleviate.

My thermal water Avène from 50ml I bought in Shoppers and paid CAD $7.79

Do you ever use thermal water or were you curious about the product?

Kisses and even the next tip.

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