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Review – Clinique Moisture Surge 72hs

Clinique’s facial creams are very well known for all and I’ve always been very keen to test them and see the results on my skin.
A few months ago I showed on my Instagram (@mundodasil) that I had bought some products at Sephora and one of them was a facial moisturizing cream of Clinique Moisture Surge 72hs and today I came to share my impressions after using the product.

My skin type: Normal to drought
Time Testing Product: 2 times a day for 2 weeks


The Clinique Facial moisturizer that I chose to test was the Clinique Moisture Surge 72hs and according to the product description, this moisturizer contains an automatic refueling technology that helps the skin create its own internal water source to rehydrate continuously.
The product has no smell and has an oily texture and spreads super easy, with this, with little product you can cover the whole face.

Value: I bought at Sephora the cream of 15ml and paid CAD $15.00. Check here.


On the site, it is recommended to use the product when you feel that your skin needs hydration and it can also be used underneath or above the makeup to improve the dry appearance of the skin.
I used the product twice a day, being once in the morning and at night before bedtime.


In addition to the two weeks of continuous use I made of the product, I also tested it a few months ago for 1 week, however, in that period I felt that the product was not completely absorbed by my skin, it took too long to dry and when it dried it looked like a “film skin” and not hydrated in fact.
As I was disappointed with the moisturizer, I interrupted the use and a few months later I decided to give another chance and went back to using it changing the amount of application to compare the results, but did not feel much difference.

In the last two weeks when I used the Clinique moisturizer I opted to apply on the face an even smaller amount of product that had done the first time, with this, the skin absorbed better the moisturizer, however, I think that even so it takes to get Car and it gets sticky until it dries completely.

On the promise of continued hydration of 72HS I did not feel this rehydration, incidentally barely lasted between an application and another of the product.
When using the moisturizer at night and washing your face in the morning I felt that a bit of the product comes out with the water and one of the promises of the product is to keep hydration even after washing the face, which to me did not happen, even reducing the amount of product applied to the face.

After drying the product I feel that the skin gets soft but I noticed no improvement in appearance and even found that it was without natural brightness, even though this is not a promise of the product I find it interesting that the moisturizer improves the appearance of the skin as well.

In my skin, I feel that the product has a superficial hydration and I did not feel the results that I was expecting, even more, considering the value of the product.

Have you used this Clinique moisturizer? If yes, tell me about your experience in the comments that she can help other people.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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