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Review- Covergirl Products

CoverGirl is an American makeup brand that has complete lines with products such as mascara, lipstick, shadows and various skin products. The brand gained even more visibility when Katy Perry became one of the leading advertising girls of the brand and launched several lines with its name.
I always saw CoverGirl’s products in the drugstore here, but had not yet tested any of them, however, last week I received 3 products from CoverGirl:  one mascara one lipstick of the line Exhibitionist and one liquid eyeliner of the line Get In line so I could try and share my opinion about them.


Of all the products I received the mask was what I liked the most.
The CoverGirl Exhibitionist mask has 3 colors available: Black brown, black and very black which was the color I received. In addition to these colors there is also a waterproof version in the very black color. Check out the full line here.
The exhibitionist mask of cover Girl promises to leave the eyelashes set, separated and long, and I really thought the product delivers all this. My eyelashes are heavy and super hard to lift and in the first application of the product, my lashes rose and were separated with a supernatural effect. I loved it! See below the before and after.

You find this product on Shoppers by CAD $13.99. Check here.


The liquid eyeliner of the line Get In line has 5 colors: Teal Crystal, Bold Brown, Black Crystal, black Vinyl and Major Matte Black that was the color I received. Check out all the colors here.
The product is well pigmented, and the color I tested (Major Matte Black) is very black and dry super fast. Besides having matte effect, as this color promises.

CoverGirl’s liquid eyeliner applicator has an ultra-thin 0.01 m tip, which is great for making fine strokes. But particularly I found the tip too thin and to have a more beautiful effect on the delineated I needed to overlap the dash in an attempt to leave a little thicker. See below the dash of the ultra-thin tip.

The only thing I did not like is that the tip of the applicator is long and on account of this it is not firm and ends up being more flexible, which makes the accuracy of the dash difficult. This way, it is necessary to be more careful when applying not to smudge.
The curious thing is that by noticing this I thought I’d hardly be able to do the outline without making a mistake, but unbelievable I did it in the first try.

You can find the liquid eyeliner get in line at Shoppers by CAD $10.99. Look here.


The exhibitionist line has 27 colors with creamy effect ranging from shades of nude, pink and red. Check out all the colors here.
In 305 hot color, a red in a gorgeous open tone.
The pigmentation of the lipstick is great and it slides super easy. Because it’s a creamy lipstick it doesn’t dry up like a matte lipstick, so it ends up transferring, but still, its duration is very good, because even after eating I noticed that much of the lipstick was still in my mouth. But what I realized is that as a part of the lipstick goes drying or going out, the color of it changes to a pink (as you can observe in the outline of my mouth where the lipstick is drier). I have never seen this happen with a lipstick, but I have not found on the site any information that this is deliberate, so if it bothers you, this is a product that needs to be retouched to retain the original color.

You find the Covergirl lipsticks on Shoppers by CAD $10.99. Check here.

Important information is that CoverGirl has recently announced that she no longer tests on animals and has obtained the Cruelty-Free International certificate, which means that the products are no longer marketed in China. Learn more about this certificate here.

I hope you enjoyed the review of CoverGirl’s products:)

Let me iknow n the comments which product you liked the most.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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