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Pierre’s Apothecary products review

Who follows the blog, knows that I every month share my favorite products of the month and a brand that was very present in these posts is Pierre’s Apothecary.

However, I did not know the brand and bought a facial exfoliator by chance, because it had loved the smell of the product, and as it cost only CAD $9.99 I thought it was worth the risk. Next, I bought a facial mask for the face, which I also loved.

The brand is American and is present in the major U.S. network stores, such as Tj Max and Ross. What puzzles me is the fact that the products are excellent, have the price affordable and still be little known. So I could not help sharing this tip on the blog.

They also have a capillary line and I was crazy to test because I had loved all the skin products I used.
As I buy the products from Pierre’s Apothecary at Winners, it was a little difficult to find the full line, because the store resells products and has no stock for replacement, so I had to buy every product in a store and on different days.

With the products in hand, I tested them a few times and now I share with you my review about each.


She was my chosen one, for being nominated for dyed hair. (But the brand has lines for different types of hair).


The Shampoo cleans the hair well and leaves a super yummy smell. With only one wash I feel the hair clean, no need to pass the product again. The only downside is that it doesn’t yield much, so you need to pass enough product to get enough foam. The good thing is that at least the packaging has 1l of product.
I bought at Winner and paid: CAD $14.99


Unlike the Shampoo, the conditioner yields more and spreads super well, leaves no residue and no heavy hair. During rinsing you already feel the hair very soft and hydrated. The conditioner makes the hair smelly and the perfume lasts for 2 days after washing. Also, I noticed that the Shampoo + conditioner, reduced the volume of my hair and even left it smoother. I loved the product!
I bought at Winner and paid: CAD $14.99


The capillary mask of the same line of Shampoo and conditioning, unfortunately, was the most disappointing of all. As soon as you apply the product in the hair, immediately you feel the hair with a soft touch and so it follows until the time of rinsing, however when you dry the hair is that you feel how much the mascara is heavy and leaves a lot of residue with that oily aspect in the hair Know? I even gave other chances for the product (because I love the brand) and tested it in other ways, but it didn’t work. In the end, I think the conditioner moisturizes more than the mask and brings a better result.
I bought at Winner and paid: CAD $7.99


This product was the most surprising because it is a 5 in 1, is a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, leaving, and Disentangler.
By trusting the brand, I ended up buying to test, but was not very confident, because until today all the products 2X1 (shampoo and conditioner) that I used poorly were shampoo, then imagine a product 5 in 1?
But to my surprise, it not only makes foam and cleans super well, as it moisturizes too much hair and leaves very soft. I am very impressed!
I bought at Winner and paid: CAD $9.99

Researching about Co-Wash, I found that this type of product is suitable for those who want to add to the capillary treatment in poo, which means “no shampoo”. The idea is to eliminate the step of shampoo in washing and acquire the beauty and natural luster of hair using products that do not contain some ingredients such as silicone, Parabenho, sulfate and others. It’s worth researching on the subject.

All products from Pierre’s Apothecary I got at the winners. But you also find them on Pierre’s Apothecary website or on Amazon.
The networks of American stores Tj Max, Ross, and Marshalls also sell the products, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the products of Pierre’s Apothecary because I love and strongly recommend it.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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